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Featured Trouts Guide Report of the Week - 10/5 Edition

Ivan Orsic / Oct 5, 2020

It's time for our Featured Trouts Guide Report of Week. We wanted to note that the GUIDE REPORTS tab has MOVED to the FISHING INFORMATION page! Click the Guide Report dropdown and you'll find up-to-date Guide Reports from our professional fly fishing guides. Each report will detail the location, timing, hatch information, fly selection, and rigging.

Check out this recent report from Kevin Hanahan. Kevin took his clients to the Eagle right after flows bumped. Now flows have dropped again, but the bug choices should remain very consistent. Stay tuned to our Guide Reports section of the FISHING INFORMATION page, as it will be updated on a very consistent basis as we continue to get clients out on the water.

LOCATION: Eagle River
Kevin Hanahan
Full-Day Walk/Wade Trip

"Fishing was good today! Although we had a bit of a slower morning trying to figure out what the fish were willing to eat after a significant bump in flows, we eventually found the key and were able to be pretty productive. With flows more than doubling overnight we switched from primarily small bugs to larger calorie flies. Worms and leeches were the most productive of the day although we still had a couple of strikes on wd-40s and chocolate foam backs. Weather was mostly sunny but a strong afternoon wind kept temperatures lower. With the higher flows, we saw a max water temp of 60 degrees which is good considering we were getting over 70 just a few weeks prior. The Eagle has been fishing excellent recently and now that the fish have had a chance to adjust to the quicker current I think it will continue to be a great choice for a day on the water."

To book Kevin Hanahan or any of our professional fly fishing guides, please give us a shout at 303-733-1434!

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