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Trouts Journal

Featured Trouts Guide Report of the Week - 7/20 Edition

Brandon Rodriguez / Jul 20, 2021

EACH WEEK we choose one report from our Guide Reports section of the FISHING INFORMATION page! Click the Guide Report dropdown and you'll find up-to-date Guide Reports from our professional fly fishing guides. Each report will detail the location, timing, hatch information, fly selection, and rigging.

This week's Guide Report is brought to you by Brian Hilbert. Read below to hear about Brian Hilbert's recent afternoon walk/wade trip on the Arkansas River. Stay tuned to our Guide Reports section for more reports as we continue to get clients out on some of our favorite water.

The proof is in the Zebra midge.

Had a fantastic day on the Arkansas River with some first timers. It was raining upon arrival but that did not deter the fish as our first cast yielded a nice brown! Water clarity was great and flows were about perfect as we worked our way upstream fishing pocket water. Seemed as though every soft spot had at least one fish in it. We stuck with nymph rigs and size 14 Walt’s worms and size 18 zebra midges got the job done for us. With the rain, we saw minimal bug activity but saw quite a few caddis coming off as the weather cleared. We didn’t see any fish rising to them however so we stuck with nymphing. All in all a very busy afternoon! Good luck out there!



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