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Featured Trouts Guide Report of the Week - 7/27 Edition

Ivan Orsic / Jul 27, 2020

It's Monday, which means it's time for the Featured Trouts Guide Report of the Week. If you've spent time on our website over the past couple of months, you might have noticed that we've added a "Guide Reports" tab to the navigation bar. HERE you'll find up-to-date Guide Reports from our professional fly fishing guides. Each report will detail the location, timing, hatch information, fly selection, and rigging.

Check out this recent report from Brian Hilbert. Stay tuned to our Guide Reports tab, as it will be updated on a very consistent basis as we continue to get clients out on the water.

LOCATION: South Platte River - Deckers
Brian Hilbert
Full-Day Walk/Wade Trip

"Definitely a weird day at Deckers today. Got an early start and immediately got right into fish with nymphing rigs. Pat’s Rubber Legs and San Juan Worms produced several nice browns and one HUGE rainbow that broke off. At 9:00am we set up dry fly rigs for the trico hatch that never really came. The Trout were waiting in anticipation in the flats but never saw more than the occasional rise. We were however able to force several dry eats sight casting our imitations to trout sitting in the shallows. A black parachute Adams in size 20 was our best dry fly. We went back to nymphing which yielded a few more fish after lunch. Despite the Tricos not showing this morning the river still fished great. The South Platte at Deckers is definitely one of those trout streams that keeps you on your toes. Good luck out there!"

Best Flies

San Juan Worm #14
Adams - Black #20

To book Brian Hilbert or any of our professional fly fishing guides, please give us a shout at 303-733-1434!

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