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Featured Trouts Guide Report of the Week - 8/10 Edition

Ivan Orsic / Aug 10, 2020

It's Monday, which means it's time for our Featured Trouts Guide Report of Week. If you've spent time on our website over the past couple of months, you might have noticed that we've added a "Guide Reports" tab to the navigation bar. HERE you'll find up-to-date Guide Reports from our professional fly fishing guides. Each report will detail the location, timing, hatch information, fly selection, and rigging.

Check out this recent report from Jon Hill. Stay tuned to our Guide Reports tab, as it will be updated on a very consistent basis as we continue to get clients out on the water.

LOCATION: Colorado River
Jon Hill
Full-Day Float Trip

"Trico hatch occuring early in the mornings and spinner fall slurps went on until approximately 11am. Catching on dries and sub surface trico patterns. Heard grasshoppers buzzing around the banks all day. Once the trico hatch mellowed out we switched over to the Hopper dropper rigs and did ok on the first day and better on the last two days.

Got more hits on the patts than expected and still had a handful take the pheasant tail. The fish were more into the smaller sized chubbies than the bigger ones, even though the hoppers seen on the banks were larger in size. On the last two days, the water temps held low and with the cloud cover, the mid-day and into the afternoons were filled with streamer eats! Full and intermediate sink lines with short leaders and articulated flies for those, see bugs section for types and colors."

Best Flies

Chubby trico spinner - Black #22
Juju Emerger - Black #22
Juju Sally #20
Tan Chubby's #12
Pat's Rubberlegs black and brown #08-#10
Pheasant tails #18
Circus Peanuts - black & brown
Zoo Cougar - White

To book Jon Hill or any of our professional fly fishing guides, please give us a shout at 303-733-1434!

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