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Featured Trouts Guide Report of the Week - 9/3 Edition

Ivan Orsic / Sep 3, 2020

It's time for our Featured Trouts Guide Report of Week. If you've spent time on our website over the past couple of months, you might have noticed that we've added a "Guide Reports" tab to the navigation bar. HERE you'll find up-to-date Guide Reports from our professional fly fishing guides. Each report will detail the location, timing, hatch information, fly selection, and rigging.

Check out this recent report from Brian Hilbert. Stay tuned to our Guide Reports tab, as it will be updated on a very consistent basis as we continue to get clients out on the water.

LOCATION: South Platte River near Deckers
Brian Hilbert
Full-Day Walk/Wade

"A little bit of a slower day at Deckers. Flows are still a bit high which is making wading challenging. Found all of our success nymphing with lots of weight using tan and pink worms. The fish were sitting in the softer shallow water but once hooked made immediate runs into the heavy current making it difficult for my angles to land. Lots of hookups but also lots of fish lost. The crowds were out in full force in the morning and getting into a spot was a bit of a challenge at times. Stay safe out there wading the heavy flows and good luck!"

To book Brian Hilbert or any of our professional fly fishing guides, please give us a shout at 303-733-1434!

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