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Five for Fall Streamer Season!

Ivan Orsic / Aug 29, 2019


It's about that time. Nights are starting to get colder. Leaves will be turning in a matter of weeks. Fall is around the corner. That means one thing for an angler like me. It's almost fall streamer season. One of my favorite seasons of the year. It's hard to beat the hunt for that big fall fish throwing big streamers on foot or on a boat. With that in mind, we've put together a collection of gear that will help you step your streamer game up for the fall.

Sage Payload Fly Rod

We've sung the praises of this new line of streamer specific rods from Sage earlier this summer. With good reason, mind you. The SAGE Payload is available in 8 foot 9-inch lengths for 6 through 9 weights, as well as a 9 foot 10 weight and a 9 foot 3 inch 11 weight. A fast-action fly rod, the Payload has a fast, powerful tip and mid-section that allows for helps pick up heavy lines off the water. The stiff mid-section transitions into a softer, more forgiving butt section. This allows for a slower, more relaxed casting stroke. It is an accurate and powerful rod that can cut through Colorado wind, fight fish well, and is actually fun to cast. It's a worthy addition to your quiver if you like throwing big streamers in the Rockies!

Ross Evolution R Fly Reel

While you might be fishing 0 - 3x while tossing streamers this fall, you will still need to put the brakes to your fall trophy and keep it out of that log jam before things go off the rails. If you're looking for an industry-leading ultra-lightweight but super powerful fully sealed drag, well, you've found it. The Ross Evolution R fits that bill.

Scientific Anglers Sonar Sink Tip or Titan Int / Sink 3 / Sink 5 Fly Line

If you're throwing streamers this fall, you better have a quality sink tip or full sink line in your arsenal. When fish are holding deep as the water starts to cool, you want to get your fly down to the fish if they're not as active as you might prefer. Scientific Anglers has a fleet of use-designed Sonar Sinking lines that will get the job done. I prefer the Titan Int / Sink 3 / Sink 5. It casts like a floating line, but provides a straight-line connection to your fly. Enough said.

Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Sling Pack

Available in the new Shale colorway, this sling pack from Fishpond can keep a couple of big streamer boxes, a camera, and your essentials safe and dry from the elements of fall. Unless you have a dedicated gear guy following you around carrying all your stuff, you'll need a proper bag for the fall.

Scientific Anglers Absolute Fluorocarbon Tippet

Scientific Anglers is bringing some fresh new leader and tippet to the game and there is a buzz around the shop for this new stuff. Coming in the heart of fall streamer season in the beginning of October, the new line of Absolute leaders and tippet are made with proprietary copolymer blends that are designed to drastically reduce water absorption while maintaining an optimal suppleness for high knot strength. Stronger wet knot strength compared to their competitors, we can't wait for the new Absolute leader and tippet materials to arrive in store. While the sample in the photo above is of the new Absolute Trout (which is nylon) - we were able to fish the new Absolute Fluorocarbon Trout (available in 0x to 7x) and the new Absolute Fluorocarbon Tippet (available in 4 to 20 lb). The stiffer Absolute Fluorocarbon Tippet will be perfect for this fall's streamer season.

To top it off, the new paper-based Leader packaging is 100% recyclable and all materials and inks used in the packaging are fully biodegradable.

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