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Introduction to Fly Fishing Series vs. Two-Day Beginner School

Ivan Orsic / Jul 26, 2021

Over the past year, we have focused on growing our fly fishing education program. We recognize and want to emphasize the importance of the relationship between new and experienced anglers. Here at Trouts, we take learning and teaching seriously. Our new class structure focuses on meeting our prospective students' learning styles on multiple levels. This is to ensure that all who have the opportunity to participate in either our Introduction to Fly Fishing Series or our Two-Day Beginner School can walk away feeling empowered and confident that the time they spent with us here at Trouts was worth the price of admission.

A place that we especially put this into play is in our first and original option of our Introduction to Fly Fishing Series. This series is perfect for never evers to intermediate anglers. It provides small, easily digestible amounts of information grouped by specific subjects broken up into a ‘classroom style’ environment that culminates in a one-day on-the-water experience taught by our knowledgeable staff. Our Introduction to Fly Fishing Series is based out of our Denver shop location and integrates fishing on Front Range waters.

To visualize how we optimize this flow, let’s take a quick descriptive journey through the series…

Fly Fishing 101:

This entry class focuses on introducing students to specific equipment, gear, rigging and terminal tackle that one will need when fly fishing. The class will also cover how to read the water, and will conclude with a hands-on knot practice.

Bugs for Beginners:

A successor to Fly Fishing 101, our students are introduced to the staple insect hatches and insect groups specific to Colorado and The Western U.S. trout streams. During this class, we focus on ‘matching the hatch’ to include what a hatch or bug may appear as in the flies within your box or the shop fly section.

Beginner Casting Clinic:

This outdoor based class is located behind our Denver shop. We are proud to have our new location sitting directly on the S. Platte River. This location allows us to provide a unique and engaging experience for our students to learn in a hands-on environment. In our Beginner Casting Clinic, our students will focus on the primary and fundamental casting techniques. Students will also learn specific casting strategies that will establish a solid foundation for your fly fishing career.

One Day 'On-The-Water’ Class:

A culmination of the previous beginner classes, this class is spent entirely outside and on the water with our Professional Guide Staff. Prospective students will put into action all the knowledge they have learned throughout the preceding classes. During the One Day 'On-The-Water’ class, students can expect to be hands-on doing their own setup and fly rod rigging. Students will also learn how to adjust tactics, casting skills, how to properly drift your fly, and ideally catching, netting, landing, and releasing fish. Our One Day 'On-The-Water' class is truly an immersive and complete experience for budding anglers. During this day, our Professional Instructor(s) will be there to support you throughout your various tasks on the water. Prospective students will walk away from the class with more poise and confidence for their next day out on their own or with friends.

As we watched people successfully navigate our Introduction to Fly Fishing Series, we realized that there was an unmet desire for prospective students to experience a more condensed and uninterrupted learning experience. Thus, our Two-Day Beginner School was born.

In 2019, we ran a pilot program for our brand new Two-Day Beginner School and based the class out of our Frisco, CO location. When we initiated the classes we saw spots for the class fill up quickly. More importantly, we received resoundingly positive feedback from our students!

After a year of research and development, we believed it was best to solidify the Two-Day Beginner School into our annual curriculum. Here at Trouts, we understand that the style of small classes tailored to specific topics is a fantastic option for some. Further, we understand that these classes are logistically better for budding anglers and allows them to learn at their own pace.

In our Two-Day Beginner School, we combine the Introduction to Fly Fishing Series over a Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Prospective students must remember that our Two-Day Beginner School will be based out of our Frisco, CO location. Due to the adjacency to the river, this school has an increased concentration of time on the water for students. The class will also mix up the setting from in-shop to outdoors throughout the two days.

Although the Two-Day Beginner school is a condensed version of our Introduction to Fly Fishing Series, the learning goal remains the same. Prospective students can expect that the curriculum and information taught in the Two-Day Beginner School will mirror our Intro series. If you are looking to get out of the Front Range and still looking to enter the fly fishing world, our Two-Day School is for you!

On top of it, all our Two-Day Beginner School is a great reason and way to understand the waters of the Frisco, CO and direct surrounding areas for your future fishing ventures on either side of the Continental Divide. No matter what class path you choose, we will be here for you. Our instructors are excited to bring you out on the water and share our world with you!

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