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Trouts Fly Fishing Forecast | April 3rd Edition

Ivan Orsic / Apr 3, 2020

2020 continues on and we certainly hope that you and yours are staying safe and healthy. After the Stay-At-Home orders were put into effect last month, we've started to get a little more clarity on where fishing stands. Check out the links below for more info!

(1) For more information on fishing & COVID-19 here in Colorado, check out Tucker Ladd's blog - Fishing During COVID-19, An Answer to Your Questions.
(2) For Kirk Deeter & Angling Trade's take on Fly Fishing & COVID-19, CLICK HERE.
(3) Buy your Valid 2020 Colorado Fishing License HERE.

Let's get to the Forecast. One of our favorite hatches of the year is here. SPRING BLUE-WINGED OLIVES. We've seen some impressive hatches so far and fish have been keying in on dry flies when the hatch is strong. Low light or overhead clouds will help get that hatch popping and the fish will respond. Beyond the Blue-Winged Olives, we're still seeing strong midge hatches (especially when it's sunny). Additionally, caddis and stoneflies are starting to move around quite a bit and choosing the appropriate imitations for your nymph rig can be super productive.

Prefer your River Reports in writing? No problem, be sure to check out our Fishing Information page for up-to-date fishing reports!

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