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Fly Fishing in September

Ivan Orsic / Sep 11, 2014

Here at Trouts, we are committed to providing you with the most up to date information regarding fishing this great state. Simply put, we want your time on the water to be as productive and successful as possible. It is with that intention that we will now be doing a monthly "blanket" report for the state. Moving forward, this report will be posted during the first week of each new month. The focus will primarily be on the Front Range, however we will be sure to include any other river information we feel is pertinent. So sit back, enjoy...and then go catch some fish!

The month of September can be an interesting one in the world of fly fishing rivers. Fall is undoubtedly on everyone's mind, and whether the thought of another summer passing brings joy or sadness to the angler, the reality of when it will "really" show up is always a mystery. Inevitably, some days will make you swear its still August, while others will have you reaching for the fleece jacket. During a low water year, September can be a much needed relief for both the anglers and the fish. Noticeably cooler nights can bring sweet relief to a summer-warmed river and its inhabitants in the form of cooler water temps....I'm sure the trout don't mind a noticeable decrease in angling pressure as well. 2014 though, at least in the state of Colorado was the exact opposite of a low water year. Flows have been fantastic across the entirety of the state all summer, water temps have stayed for the most part cool, and the fish have stayed hungry. All good things.

So what will September mean for us this year? Well, in short, it should mean very good fishing. If you happen to be on the river during one of the 300 days of sunshine we'll recieve this year, I'd still spend some time throwing a hopper pattern around. Many rivers across the state will be experiencing the lowest flows they've seen in 4 months and there should be some very good dry fly fishing going on out there. The stoneflies will definitely be tailing out from what we saw throughout summer, but various Caddis and Mayflies will still be making daily appearances in varying quanitites. Look for the trout to be keying in on the available bugs (depending on the river you're fishing) in their varying life cycle stages. I'd imagine many a successful day will be had by nymphing in the morning and switching to dries in the afternoon to match the prevailing hatches. Fishing a hatch through it's entire cycle is definitely a very rewarding experience.

Moving on, it's getting to be about time to talk about one of my personal favorite things in life-- Brown Trout. We're still a good month away from the Brown Trout spawn being in full swing, but I can say with certainty, some of the ones I've been fortunate enough to catch lately look like they came straight out of October. There's not much prettier than a buttered up fall Brown in my opinion. I've even heard a few reports of some lake run Browns beginning to make an appearance. This should do nothing but improve by the week. If you happen to fish a river with lake run fish, pay attention to flows and spend some time targeting these migratory fish. I know the crowds can be a pain at times, but I can say from experience you don't even notice them when you're looking at a 20+ inch Brown Trout in your net. Spending time with a streamer tied on the end of your line will do nothing but continue to become more and more productive. You can bet we'll talk more about this topic next month though.

Depending on what part of the state you're in, the small stream, high mountain fishing could still be very good, although the prime window for this is definitely on its way closed. If you haven't spent time on some small water this year, pick a nice day, get a box of dry flies and go have some fun. One item of note though should you choose this option- wear brightly colored clothing. Remember we're going to be in this thing called "hunting season" for the next few months.

In summary, I'm confident September will prove to be a very productive month across the entire state. I feel most rivers will be giving us the best chance we've had in months at catching a fish on a dry fly, nymph and streamer all in the same day.

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