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Fly Fishing Outfits // Good, Better, Best

Ivan Orsic / Aug 9, 2021

If you are a budding angler interested in saving money or, a seasoned angler that just wants an extra setup ready to loan out, fly fishing outfits are a fantastic option. For many years people have overlooked these types of outfits. Particularly, because the components that once came with these kits were subpar. However, as the sport of fly fishing continues to grow so does the design and quality of the gear. Manufacturers have noticed the large interest in fly fishing over the years and, because of this, have significantly upgraded their introductory and water-specific outfits. In this post, we will briefly go over different types of fly fishing outfits. Let us dive in.


If you are looking at venturing into the world of fly fishing but are unsure if you want to put a lot of money upfront there are two outfits you should consider.

Scientific Anglers: Trout Complete Outfit - $119.99

Featuring the lowest price point on the entire list, this outfit is perfect for those looking to enter the world of fly fishing without breaking the bank. Tuned for the ultimate beginner, those who use this setup can expect to pick up the relative motion of casting rather quickly. The classic 9’ 5wt style provides plenty of backbone when casting and, the floating line that comes pre-reeled floats well in all trout conditions.

Redington: The Path - $199.99

Fly rods are a pricey item. This outfit, however, provides quality far beyond its price tag. It does not matter if you are casting to sea-run cutthroat or wanting to fish small creeks, the Redington Path has you covered. Coming in weights 4-9, lengths ranging 8’6” or 9’0”, and two-line type options this outfit is as customizable as they come. This rod also boasts a wonderful medium-fast action performance making casting small dries and even medium streamers a breeze. If you are looking for a fantastic all-purpose outfit this should be at the top of your list.


Once you have some trips under your belt and you become more familiar with the sport, you will want to think about upgrading your gear. This is normal. Everyone outgrows their entry-level gear and, it is a mark of progress.

Redington: Topo - $219.99

Sometimes, outfits give you everything you need. For this reason, I have included The Redington Topo. This outfit comes with everything an angler needs to hit the water, included with the rod (9’ 5wt) and reel (Crosswater 4/5/6) you can expect your Crosswater reel to be pre-spooled with RIOs mainstream weight forward line attached to a 5x tapered leader. This alone is enough to get you on any trout stream. However, also included in the outfit is a pair of nippers and six (6) hopper-style flies. This rod is truly an all-inclusive package for the budding or established angler.


Every now and again, you need specific gear for specific situations. As much as we may like to believe that we can paint every piece of water with the same brush (read: Rod), we can’t. Sometimes it is intimidating to fish water that is not specific to trout. The gear is different than what we are used to and in many ways, you can feel like a beginner again. When this moment strikes, these two outfits have you covered.

Redington: The Field Kit Bass - $349.99

From smallies in the south to largemouths in farm ponds and even carp in the Denver South Platte, this outfit has you covered for just about all warmwater species you may encounter. The medium-fast action rod is perfect for the first-time caster but still offers plenty of power to pull bass out of structure. Paired with a RUN reel and a RIO Products WARMWATER QUICKSHOOTER fly line, this kit is ready to fish. Many of us here at the shop love fishing for wamwater species and if you are interested in learning more about Colorado-specific warmwater tactics check out our Warmwater Forecast.

Redington: The Field Kit Tropical Saltwater - $349.99

If you are looking at heading out on your first-ever saltwater trip, this outfit is an excellent option. Fishing the saltwater can be intimidating. For that reason, it is best to take the guesswork out of your outfit. The Tropical Saltwater outfit has everything you need for your tropical flats adventure. The medium-fast action rod is easy to cast, and the Behemoth reel with its powerful carbon drag will stop any fish in its tracks. Whether you’re targeting bonefish, redfish, permit snook, or even baby tarpon. The Behemoth reel comes equipped with Redington’s Deep V large arbor design for extra backing capacity and quicker line retrieval. On top of this, the package also includes RIOs BONEFISH QUICKSHOOTER FEATURES as well as a set of RIO Products 10’ 12lb SALTWATER TAPERED LEADER.

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