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Fuel For Your Fire | Eric Schmidt - from The Current 2020: A Journal

Ivan Orsic / Feb 3, 2020

We released the 2020 edition of The CURRENT less than a month ago. One of our favorite features we put together was the Fuel For Your Fire feature.


In a nutshell, "Fuel For Your Fire" touches on what motivates us to get out on the water every chance we have. In this edition, we grabbed Eric Schmidt, Trouts Denver Store Manager, to talk about what gets him out on the water. Here's his answer.

Moving Water

My favorite fishing is on water that moves. I love the sounds, smells and sights of a river or creek. It just so happens that I live in a place with no shortage of moving water. What keeps me coming back to a favorite river or creek is the lively pulling on the end of my line, but I also really enjoy the challenges of conflicting currents, presentation, and reading water. Casting a dry dropper rig in pocket water and catching the fish that was exactly where you thought it should be…doesn’t get much better for me!

Want to check out 2020's issue, click here.

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