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Fuel For Your Fire | Scott Dickson - from The Current 2020: A Journal

Ivan Orsic / Feb 25, 2020

We released the 2020 edition of The CURRENT earlier this year. One of our favorite features we put together was the Fuel For Your Fire feature.


In a nutshell, "Fuel For Your Fire" touches on what motivates us to get out on the water every chance we have. In this edition, we grabbed Scott Dickson, Trouts Denver Head Guide, to talk about what gets him out on the water. Here's his answer.


I'm lucky to have a career that I love. I have fun being on the water and helping people. They get to experience what I love about fishing. When I have a chance to fish on my own, I simply have fun. Solo trips out or fishing with a few buddies is a guaranteed good time. I find fun in friendly banter with a buddy missing a fish, and/or sharing success stories (along with blunders). Enjoying the moments/experiences that are created while fishing is what I remember. These things bring a smile to my face. Pursuing fish (of all species) is something that's brought me joy since I can remember. Some days are tough. Low temps, uncooperative fish, thick swarms of mosquitoes, or even ferocious noseeums never deter me from hunting for fish. I have fun catching fish and I'm a big fan of fun.

Want to check out 2020's issue, click here.

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