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GEAR REVIEW || Scott Centric Fly Rod

Ivan Orsic / Sep 1, 2020

We're super excited about the arrival of the all-new Scott Centric fly rod from our good friends in Montrose, Colorado. The next generation in fast action fly rods from Scott Fly Rod Company, the Centric puts the feel into fast-action. This versatile, do everything series of rods delivers new levels of stability, recovery speed, and range. Whether you’re throwing long bank shots with a dry or you’re tossing short roll casts with a nymphing rig on your favorite tailwater, the Centric has the feel and power to perform effortlessly.

The Centric is light in hand and delivers flies with tremendous accuracy. Versatile enough to throw a nymph rig in the morning, a dry-dropper rig mid-day, and a streamer rig in the evening, the Centric gets the job done day-in and day-out. While it performs well at all distances, the rod comes alive between 20 and 50 feet. Those magical distances where most of your productive fishing and catching happens. A responsive tip and transmissive blank allows for super easy roll casts, mending and line control.

For more delicate presentations, we chose a more traditional trout taper. To achieve more effective casting in close, the Centric paired well with a fly line that has a more aggressive front taper.

Toe to toe, the Centric outperforms it’s predecessor, the Scott Radian. Fly rod designer Jim Bartschi gave the fast-action Centric a powerful feel deeper into the blank - Adding feel to fast.

The Centric has all the fit and finish you come to expect with a premium Scott Fly Rod. The Centric is available in models ranging from 8.5 to 10 feet and in line weights 4 to 7. Get your Scott Centric Fly Rod now in-store and online at

Check the Scott Centric out in action with this ON-THE-WATER REVIEW on our YouTube channel.

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