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Gear Review: The Orvis Guide Sling Pack

Ivan Orsic / Jul 14, 2021

GEAR. WE ALL LOVE IT. Great fly fishing gear keeps us out on the water longer and never interferes with our main objective. Most of the time the best gear is the gear you forget you have with you. Or, in this case on you. Great gear is something you never want to leave home without and something you have by your side at all times. Great gear is in many ways akin to a trusty river dog.

This week we are bringing you a review of The Orvis Guide Sling Pack written by Trouts Denver's own, "Little T" also know professionally as Tanner Purcell. A young gun in the sport driven to catch only the biggest and gnarly-est trout or carp Colorado has to offer.

Without further ado, this week's gear review.

" This easy access tippet bar allowed me to be more efficient instead of fumbling through my traditional waist pack. "

Before I gave this sling pack a test drive, I was a faithful hip pack user. I was hesitant to change my system but, I have an open mind and was willing to explore my options. The storage on this sling pack is generous and one of the largest when looking at other sling packs. With 18 liters of capacity, the Guide Sling Pack is ideal for long day trips away from the car. It is larger than most hip packs and has tons of extra space for multiple large fly boxes, food, and even an extra jacket. Personally, my favorite feature on the Guide Sling is the tippet bar. The recessed docking station is a game-changer and makes swapping tippet a breeze.

Front strap zippered pocket with hide-behind forceps stash, zinger docking station, fly patch, and rear D-ring

Recently, took this pack on a trip to Pyramid Lake outside of Reno, Nevada. Unfortunately, I used more tippet than usual. Whether or not it was from the fish or the sharp rocks that line the lake is still to be determined. However, the easy access tippet bar allowed me to be more efficient instead of fumbling through my traditional waist pack. The tippet bar can hold up to six spools, which is perfect considering I and many others carry at least 1x-6x at all times. The integrated net storage is also useful and efficient, another feature to consider when purchasing a pack. The design of net storage allows for easy access whenever you have that fish of a lifetime on the line. Both smaller hand nets for catching small stream fish and large nets for those heftier species work well with this pack making this pack extremely versatile.

For me, when it comes to gear, comfort, and ease of use is the main factor. It is very important to have a pack that fits well and performs well during a long day of fishing. This crossbody sling pack does what it is designed to do. It does not hinder the ability to freely cast. The padded, adjustable strap allows the pack to rest comfortably on the shoulder/back. The adjustability feature makes it adaptable for any height/body type. When you need access to something stored in the pack, it is very easy to pull the pack over the shoulder and switch it to the front body/chest position. A nice size fly patch on the front of the strap is well placed to store hemostats and nippers. This patch gives a quick and easy way to get to those regularly used tools. Whether you are going on a hike to fish in the high country or fishing your home waters, the Orvis Guide Sling Pack can do it all.

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