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GEAR SPOTLIGHT // Bajío Sunglasses

Jon Moore / Aug 22, 2022

You don’t have to be a seasoned angler to understand the importance of a good pair of polarized sunglasses. Whether you spend your time in a kayak on a lake, walking down the beach, or fishing on your favorite river, sunglasses are one of the most critical pieces of gear to consider when you are planning to participate in outdoor recreation of any kind.

While there are lots of companies to choose from when deciding which sunglasses to purchase, there is only one Bajío. Launched in Spring of 2021 by Al Perkinson, CEO of Bajío Sunglasses, his new sunglasses company is already making waves in the industry.

Al Perkinson is no newcomer to the fishing industry. An owner of a consulting firm that has worked with the likes of Orvis, Trout Unlimited, Guy Harvey, and Pure Fishing, Perkinson has also held senior management positions at Simms Fishing and Huk Apparel. Additionally, he sits on the board of both Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and Trout Unlimited, and is the founder of Indifly, which works to empower indigenous peoples through fly fishing.

Alright, enough of Al’s accolades. What makes Bajío different from other sunglasses companies? To start, Bajío has been carbon neutral from its inception. Perkinson and his team are pushing the boundaries of what conservation-minded fashion and apparel companies can accomplish. From Bajío’s bio-based nylon frames, to their vegan cactus leather cases, they are hell-bent on leading the charge in real, tangible ways that directly impact conservation efforts to protect the fisheries and ecosystems that we all hold near and dear to our hearts.

Bajío vs. Competitors

Aside from their conservation-forward mindset, Bajío produces a damn good pair of sunglasses. The majority of fishing-specific sunglasses on the market are designed to block out yellow light. While Bajío lenses do remove a majority of intense yellow light at its peak of 580 nm, their primary purpose is to remove as much blue light as possible. Unlike other sunglasses on the market, Bajío’s LAPIS technology removes 95% of blue light up to 445 nm, far more than any other brand of sunglasses. The removal of the blue light enhances clarity and color, protects your eyes from harmful rays, while ultimately reducing blur, glare, and haze. The result: a superior pair of fishing sunglasses that allows you to see more of what matters - the fish.


The wide range of frame styles, shapes, contours, and features in conjunction with the sustainable materials used to produce Bajío’s frames (which we will cover shortly) make Bajío sunglasses an incredibly attractive option in the fishing sunglasses market. From everyday use to dedicated sunglasses for a day out on the river, Bajío’s lineup offers a frame that is perfect for every occasion or adventure.

Unsurprisingly, Bajío’s frames are all made of sustainable, bio-based nylon. They offer frames produced from castor-based bioplastic, coconut husk-based frames, and are currently working to produce both PET frames made from recycled water bottles, as well as frames made from ocean trash and carpet remnants.

Bajío’s dedication to sustainable materials doesn’t come at the expense of quality. Their frames feel more robust and durable than any other frame on the market, while maintaining their mission of reducing their carbon footprint. According to Bajío, their frames, made from castor plants, are 13 times stronger than other common bio-plastics.


Bajío’s frames are great, but where their sunglasses really shine is evident the moment you put them on. The lenses are truly incredible. The focus on the reduction of blue light dramatically improves clarity, giving you the ability to see further and deeper than possible with other lenses on the market.

Not only is Bajío’s proprietary LAPIS technology innovative, but they are extraordinarily customizable. Any frame you choose can be outfitted with one of seven lens colors that they offer. From extreme highlights, to lowlight conditions, Bajío has a lens color for every lighting scenario you might find yourself in on the water.

In addition to the customizable frame and lens colors options available, you can also choose between polycarbonate or glass lenses in each and every color offered. If you’re looking for ultimate clarity and durability, you’ll want to choose the glass lenses. If you’re looking for the lightest fishing sunglasses available with added impact resistance, the polycarbonate lenses would be the best fit.


If you’re looking for your next pair of fishing (or everyday wear) sunglasses that check all the boxes, look no further than a pair of Bajío shades. The endless possibilities for customization allow you to create a pair of sunglasses that is custom tailored for circumstances ranging from general, all-purpose fishing to the most dialed in, specific scenarios one could imagine. Aside from the sheer quality of a pair of Bajío sunglasses, the time and energy that they are pouring into conservation efforts make the purchase of a pair of sunglasses more than just an investment in your fishing experience, it’s an investment in preserving and protecting the wild places we love and the people that call them home. Bajío is more than just a sunglasses brand, they’re a brand in business for a purpose.

If you want to check out a pair of Bajío sunglasses for yourself, swing on by Trouts Fly Fishing in Denver. If you’re ready to pull the trigger on the best pair of fishing sunglasses that you've ever owned, you can find our selection of Bajío sunglasses online here. As always, we’re here to help. If you have any questions regarding which pair of Bajío sunglasses are right for you, the staff at Trouts Fly Fishing have the answers.

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