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Ivan Orsic / Nov 13, 2018

Photo Essay - Visiting the Winston Rod Factory

After dropping by the SIMMS facility last week, I headed deeper into southwestern Montana trout country to some truly hallowed ground - Twin Bridges, Montana. Not only does Twin Bridges...

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Ivan Orsic / Nov 13, 2018

Photo Essay: A Tour of the Simms Wader Factory

SIMMS has been making waders since 1980. As the only company making fishing waders in USA and the first company to introduce breathable waders in the early 90s, SIMMS is...

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Ivan Orsic / Mar 3, 2018

Ross Reels Evolution LTX Fly Reel Review

The Ross Evolution LT is an icon for trout anglers everywhere. Lightweight, durable, and downright dependable, there's a reason the Evolution LT found its way onto countless angler's rods. When...

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Ivan Orsic / Feb 2, 2018

February Ski Pass Earns You Happy Hour Prices

For the rest of the month of February, we will offer Happy Hour Prices at both our Denver and Frisco locations to anyone who presents a valid 2018 Ski Pass...

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Ivan Orsic / Jan 6, 2018

Trouts - Denver Fly Fishing Show - Sunday 1/7/18 Schedule

RISING Rising is back on Sunday to close out the 2018 Fly Fishing Show. With a healthy selection of their USA-Made nets and fishing tools and the trusty Rising...

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Ivan Orsic / Jan 3, 2018

Umpqua LT Fly Box Review

The Umpqua LT Fly Boxes have been out for a couple of months at this point. Admittedly, I'm a sucker for a new fly box, so when the new LT...

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