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Ivan Orsic / Nov 16, 2017

Sage Foundation Fly Rod Review

What if I told you there was a high-quality, fast-action, smooth-casting, USA-Made fly rod made that was only $325? Surely, you’d say, I’m pulling your leg. Well, that fly rod...

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Ivan Orsic / Nov 8, 2017

Photo Essay: Snook by Night

I like winter fishing in Colorado as much as the next guy, but the transition into winter in the high country can be a painful one. A transition I don't...

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Ivan Orsic / Nov 2, 2017

Now Available: Limited Edition Abel Johnny Cash Super Series Reel

​Fly fishing and good music go together hand in hand. Whether, it's your roadtrip playlists, rigging up jams or post fishing, dive bar jukebox requests, the two are intermingled. Now...

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Ivan Orsic / Nov 1, 2017

New 2018 Simms G3 Guide Tactical Jacket Review

This is also a category of product that is often overlooked and ultimately replaced with another water repellent jacket hanging in one’s closet. And I get it, I mean how...

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Ivan Orsic / Nov 1, 2017

New 2018 SIMMS G3 Guide Boot Review

Wading Boots. The highest compliment I can provide to a pair of wading boots is that I didn’t notice them. I don’t want to dread putting them on, taking them...

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Ivan Orsic / Oct 13, 2017

Simms Bounty Hunter Vault Review

The Simms Bounty Hunter Vault has been a cornerstone piece of gear for me the entire year. Look y'all, I'm not the most organized of anglers. But, thanks to the...

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