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2020 GIFT GUIDE for Saltwater Fly Anglers

Ivan Orsic / Dec 13, 2020

Is your favorite saltwater angler chomping at the bit for an 2021 trip to flats? Check out our 2020 Gift Guide for Saltwater Fly Anglers!

If you're the saltwater angler in question, share this with those inquisitive gift-givers who are in need of an idea or two.

Winston Air Salt Fly Rod

When the difference between a good presentation and a great presentation is a couple of feet or maybe one less false cast, you need a rod that is lightweight and easy to cast. The Winston Air Salt certainly qualifies and would make any saltwater fly angler very happy if it ended up underneath the tree.

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity Salt Fly Line

Distance and precision are typically key on the flats and the Amplitude Smooth Infinity has a longer head that allows for more control at distance. The Amplitude Smooth series of lines are, simply put, the highest-performance smooth fly lines in the world. With up to five times less drag and eight times the durability of traditional lines, this will change the way you look at fly line performance.

The Infinity Salt is technical, versatile, accurate and simply the most advanced saltwater line available. Featuring the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive for superior shooting ability and increased durability the Infinity Salt will handle the most rigorous of conditions year after year. The Infinity Salt is a half-line weight heavy to turn over any fly on even the windiest of days. The extended head length makes it more accurate than short shooting heads so that you can land your fly to spooky fish in the most efficient manner.

Simms Flats Sneakers

Sneaker comfort and mobility meets wading boot durability and support for the saltwater flats. Wrap these up and put a bow on them. Any saltwater angler would love to receive these as a gift for the holidays.

Umpqua LT Payload Boat Box - Saltwater

As any angler can attest, you can't have too many flies. A serious box for serious fly storage. This high capacity box will easily hold the largest baitfish down to your smallest flat's flies with a "high" side and a "standard" side to offer appropriate headroom for any saltwater fly fishing adventure. See-through lids allow for easy fly ID and magnetic lid and swing leaf (replaceable) closures offer easy access.

Give your favorite saltwater angler the gift of disappearing downstairs to reorganize their new fly box and get you a little you time.

Scientific Anglers ECOastal Stripping Basket

The ECOastal Stripping Basket is the result of the combination of light-weight materials, superior ergonomics and functionality. This comfortable and easy-to-use stripping basket comes equipped with flexible spikes that prevent line tangles. An adjustable velcro-fitted belt keeps the stripping basket in place and the half-open tray effectively keeps track of your fly line.

Fishpond Dakota Carry-On Rod & Reel Case

Every angler must have four rods on hand, especially if they're headed to the salt. Additionally, each rod must be matched with a reel and a spare spool, which must also be available at all times. The Dakota carries these and more. The perfect carry-on travel companion for your favorite traveling saltwater angler.

Umpqua ZS2 Boat Bag - Medium

The perfect companion for your favorite saltwater angler's next time on a saltwater skiff. The perfect place to hold a couple fly boxes, leader & tippet, pliers, sunscreen, and much more. Give them the gift of convenience and organization.

Simms Guide Plier

Simms’ superior Guide Pliers put rusty, decrepit needle-nosers on notice—permanently. Achievements begin with corrosion-resistant, replaceable 17-4 stainless-steel jaws and powerful 6061-T6, type II anodized aluminum arms. Bottle opener supports your hydration efforts while doubling as a beveled knot-tightening tool. Trim tags or cut loose thanks to a tungsten carbide cutting blade. And when not on active duty, retire hardworking pliers to their tactical–style Kydex holster with utility leash. Both come standard.

Simms Solarflex Shirt Long Sleeve - Prints - Cloud Camo

From high-flying SoCal makos to the 30-mile push from Key West to the Marquesas, your favorite saltwater fly angler can slip on a Solarflex Crewneck Long Sleeve Shirt and will be prepared to coast.

Simms Solarflex Sunglove

Knot tying, line stripping and pocket opening. Our hands are the most important tool in our kit. Give their hands the respect they deserve with our Solarflex® SunGlove. These sun gloves would make a terrific stocking stuffer.

Trouts Gift Card

Unsure about what they have? A Trouts Gift Card is the perfect gift. Whether they're choosing for themselves or want to come in and consult with our in-store and online experts, we're here to help!

Nautilus NV-G

Nothing compares. Drag, design and performance make the NV-G the ultimate fly reel. If your favorite saltwater angler wants the best, the NV-G is hard to beat.

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