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Home Away from Home

Ivan Orsic / Jan 23, 2018

What makes a fishing spot? What calls you back over and over again? Maybe, it’s the fish, maybe it’s the journey, maybe it’s the company and cold beer while sitting around a campfire with your buddies. Hell, who really knows why waving a stick around always seems to be what I want to do. There are a few places, no matter how old I get or how many times I go back they never get old. One of those places for me happens to be a little north of the Colorado border. It’s certainly not a secret, but the Miracle Mile during the winter is one of those places I must go. I prefer the weather to be, windy, cold and snowy and to keep camp simple, either sleeping in a tent or the front seat of the pickup. This is all true, unless Matt Thron is there and has some Green Chili on the stove back in Casper. The Mile will always hold a place with me, because I really grew up here as an angler. I’ve always been sort of the young buck amongst the Mile crew. In that time I have taken in countless life lessons around a campfire playing cribbage or fishing lessons that can only be taught on the water. The likes of my older brother Cody, Capitan Rob, Phil T and previously mentioned Matt T and a few others have all contributed. For those memories and experiences I can’t even explain the gratitude.

Alright, I know what you are probably thinking. Enough of this sappy fly fishing preachy crap. What can I say? I got a little carried away, my bad. Now, let’s get to some photos and let them explain the rest!

Quite honestly, 3 AM wake up calls suck. That is until about 7 AM when the sun starts lighting Wyoming up.

The Setting

Home aka Camp Run. Basically where all the magic happens. And by magic, I mean big campfires, consumption of a few beers (Seriously, just a few) and some of the best meals ever made.

You ever had a Coleman / Cast Iron Pan cooked burger? Trust me you'd eat more than 1. The fish are coming, I promise.

The Tools, courtesy of Sage Fly Fishing.

What really needs to be said? A damn near perfect brown.

Some people say trout don't really fight. They haven't ever had a Wyoming rainbow on the line.

Matt Thron, showing off a stud brown before sending him on his way!

Matt showing off another one! I am pretty sure the guy dips his flies in some of his homemade green chili before we go out. (That's the secret)

Short sleeves in December? Doesn't happen often.

What you got in your mouth? Are you sick of fish pictures yet? Only a few more to go.

I'm telling you, the streamer bite has been horrible this winter.

Last one!

Now here is a picture of a fire, just because! Hope you enjoyed the post!

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