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How to Clean Off Your Nymph Rig // South Platte Slap

Ivan Orsic / Jan 26, 2022

It's Wednesday, and if you're anything like me, you are already thinking about how you will spend your time the weekend. Perhaps your plans are taking you to the river to brave the cold weather and even colder water to try and fool a few trout. If this resembles some of your weekend plans, I will venture out to say that you will probably be fishing some sort of nymph rig.

If you are privy to Nymph rigs, you know that a critical indicator of successful nymph fishing is depth, and often when trying to find that proper depth, you can get stuck in the weeds. This can happen when your flies bounce over rocks, get spun up in undercurrents, or just pass through some weed beds.

When this does happen , Trouts Denver Head Guide Scott Dickson coined the term to a trick he calls The South Platte Slap.

As I mentioned before, it is Wednesday, so why not take a quick minute out of your day or two to relax and take it easy and watch how one of the best guides in the industry cleans off his flies.

Enjoy Yall.

Watch How to Clean Off Your Nymph Rig

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