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Ice Off/Stillwater Update

Ivan Orsic / Apr 20, 2019

We're still waiting for ice off on our favorite mountain, trout-filled reservoirs. There's no doubt that this year's winter has been a prolific one and it's doing it's best to hold on in the high country. As we start to see the mercury rise and those warm spring Chinook winds work their magic on those ice-locked shorelines, it'll only be a matter of time before we're out chasing those hungry hungry ice off trout. With that in mind, here are a couple of updates

Spinney Mountain Reservoir

Per the CPW Website, Spinney Mountain State Park has no estimate for opening at this time. They have increased the water flow into Spinney Mountain State Park so the ice is now floating which will help it break up.

11 Mile Reservoir

Per the CPW Website, Eleven Mile still has no estimate as to when we will be able to open to boating as we are still at least 80% ice. Some shorelines are open for shoreline fishing with ice starting to free up around the edges.

Antero Reservoir

Our very own Zeke Hersh, General Manager at Trouts Frisco, spoke with Denver Water. Denver Water indicated that Ice on Antero Reservoir is off and it will open for angling on May 1st!

If you have any more questions about conditions, feel free to reach out to us at Trouts Denver - 303-733-1434 or Trouts Frisco - 970-668-2583.

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