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Installing A Big Sky Rod Box

Ivan Orsic / Jun 15, 2015

These days it seems you can’t hardly drive anywhere around this town without seeing a fly rod rack on the top of someone’s vehicle—and I’ve always taken this as a sign that I was living in a good place. While there are certainly no shortage of home made renditions, the most commonly sighted commercial version of these useful tools is the Titan Rod Vault (also available here at Trouts!). However there’s a new player on the scene that has been making quite an impact- Big Sky Rod Box. After years of use with my Titan I decided to switch things up and make the move to a Big Sky and can’t wait to put it through the paces with both my guiding and personal fishing. On top of it all, Trouts is proud to be the only source in Colorado to get your hands on one of these seriously badass rod holders.

Made in Bozeman, MT, Big Sky Rod Boxes come in 3 different sizes. The Original- which holds up to 4 rod/reel combos, The Sculpin- which holds up to 4 rod/reel combos broken in half, and the 6-Pack- which as you can probably guess, holds up to 6 rod/reel combos. Big Sky Rod Boxes come standard to mount on the passenger side of your vehicle, however a Southpaw version can also be ordered in any of the above styles to mount on your driver’s side.

Rick and Lee here at the shop also recently made the move to Big Sky Rod Boxes. Rick opting to go with the Southpaw Sculpin (below) and Lee went with the Original Southpaw (not pictured--but if you see a silver 4runner out front of the shop or on the river, give it a look!) . I chose to mount the Original on my truck (above & video).

Check out the video below of the installation process from start to finish!

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