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IT'S HERE! The all-new Ross Reels San Miguel has arrived!

Ivan Orsic / Nov 22, 2019

The wait is over and the icon has returned. We were expecting the San Miguel to ship in December, but here we are. It's November 22nd and we've got San Miguel's here at Denver shop. We're itching to spool yours up.

If you aren't familiar with the San Miguel, it's time for a little walk down memory lane. Since Ross Reels started in 1973, there has been one iconic reel that most epitomizes the heart and soul of the Montrose-based company. You guessed it. It's the San Miguel.

With blends of old and new, Ross took all of the elements that made the original iconic and blended in modern machining and materials to make a damn good-looking, high-performing trout reel. The return of the legend. With a fully-sealed carbon-stainless steel drag, the new San Miguel can protect your lightest tippet and put a stop to a feisty trout when it needs to. Don't worry - that iconic buttery smooth free spool action is better than ever. The all-new San Miguel, which is available in the 3/4, 4/5, and 5/6, retails for $595.


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