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JUST ARRIVED // All-New Abel Nippers for 2022

Ivan Orsic / Jun 1, 2022

When the BEST gets BETTER, that's good news for us anglers. After leading the charge fifteen years ago with the original Abel Nippers, our good friends out of Montrose, Colorado have brought an all-new, industry-leading, redesigned, and reimagined pair of nippers to market for us to put to good use on the water.

The all-new Abel Nippers for 2022 are constructed of a machined, type III anodized aluminum body, two machined aluminum (customizable) scales, four super-strong rare-earth magnets, and a pair of 440c stainless steel jaws. Durable and well-constituted, the Abel Nippers are still surprisingly lightweight - weighing in at less than 1.4 ounces. As with the originals, the new Abel Nippers are designed to deliver a clean cut to everything from 8x tippet to heavy braid.

Each pair of Abel Nippers comes with an easily adjustable lanyard made of polyurethane braid and machined aluminum. Available with 3 body color options, and our full range of solid gloss colors on the central scale, there are over 54 different combinations to choose from and can be fully customized using Abel's Build Your Own Nipper portal.

What's the deal with the Rare Earth Magnets?

Abel ditched the traditional spring for FOUR Nickel-Plated NdFeB (Neodymium Iron Boron) grade B52 magnets. Not only do these magnets serve as a convenient fly dock and a sneaky way to store your nippers when they're not on your person, but these super-strong, rare earth magnets serve as the "spring" that keeps the nippers open and ready to deploy. Without the hinge associated with a traditional spring, these nippers are designed to be increasingly resistant to corrosion and degradation from saltwater buildup.

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Abel Nippers - Tippet and Leader Nippers
Abel Nippers - Tippet and Leader Nippers

• Mil-Spec Type III anodize, machined 7075 aluminum body
• Custom-anodized 6061 aluminum body inserts
• Replaceable 440C stainless steel jaws, heat-treated to 58 Rockwell, and user sharpenable
• Opposing rare earth magnets work as a spring that won’t corrode or fail
• Magnetic fly dock designated for temporarily storing and rigging flies
• Replaceable stainless steel hook eye cleaner
• Easily adjustable lanyard made of polyurethane braid, and machined aluminum
• Made in the USA

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