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Just Arrived // Umpqua XC210 Hooks and Jig Bomb Beads

Ivan Orsic / Oct 22, 2021

Over the years Umpqua Feather Merchants has established themselves as one of the best producers of hand-tied flies and terminal tackle dedicated for those who choose to chase fish with a fly rod. On top of developing some of the most innovative streamside tools on the market, they are also leading the industry in the realm of fly-tying products. The early soulful beginnings of Umpqua started at the fly tying desk, spinning up hand-tied flies tirelessly trying to get that 'perfect' fly. So naturally, their goal is to inspire the next generation of fly tiers, and their brand new XC210 hooks and Umpqua's new Jig Bomb Beads do just that, inspiring the next generation of fly tiers to create.

The New XC210:

The all-new XC210 was designed specifically for tyers and anglers wanting a better hook for Perdigon style flies or for oversized bead flies. It features a downturned eye to roll the bead downwards to the eye, exposing more of the hook shank which gives oversized beaded flies more realistic proportions. The mega gap allows the hook point to find the fish regardless of what you tie onto the shank.

The XC210 pairs especially well with Umpqua's Jig Bomb beads, but also works with standard slotted or even a countersunk bead

Umpqua Jig Bombs Beads

The unique teardrop shape of the bombs is the new solution for fly tyers to add more weight to your thin body flies. Over the years Umpqua Feather Merchants realized that there was a trend of oversizing beads among their top fly tiers. However, they soon noticed that when they added more weight to various barbless nymph patterns they lose a considerable amount of hook shank length which limited the number of hooks they could use.

The unique dense tungsten teardrop shape of the brand new Tungsten Jig Bombs means these unique tungsten beads are about 20% heavier than a standard slotted bead while keeping 15% more hook shank to create a body with.

All of this means that flies maintain great proportions and drop into the zone and stay there. The unique design of the Jig Bomb’s will flip any hook and turn it into a Jig and of course, it works beautifully on all jig hooks.

These Bombs are built into Umpqua's specialized collection of flats flies called Survive Entry. Designed for both salt and fresh water, when it comes to fly design the sky is the limit. These are available in 2.5mm-5.0mm and a rainbow of colors and also come in 3.5mm packs. If you are a passionate fly tyer Umpqua's new Jig Bomb Beads are the standard against which all other beads are measured.

If you are looking for more information on fly tying or looking to tie up some specific style of flies head over to Umpqua's Youtube Channel where their signature tyers go in-depth and provide step-by-step instructions for tying up some of their favorite patterns.


Fly Tying - Beads/Cones
Umpqua Jig Bombs Beads
Umpqua Jig Bombs Beads
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Umpqua XC210BL-BN Hook
Umpqua XC210BL-BN Hook

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