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Meet the Author: Kat Mueller

Will Rice / Mar 23, 2021

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the 2021 CURRENT, below is an excerpt from Kat Mueller’s feature photo essay titled “Fly Shots” (pg 36).


“I’m standing waist deep in a dark glacial river. It's pouring rain. I’ve got my hat pulled down and my hood up and the only thing getting wet is my hands. And in my hands — my camera. With each step I’m careful to find footing; feeling the boulders slowly beneath my feet. I don’t want to swim today. I’m photographing my partner. He is fishing. Casting. Waiting. Standing there, too, in the pouring rain. His head is hung low and his jacket is slick black against the river surface that is alive with rain. The massive trees lining the river’s edge are hung low, too, bowing to the weight of the water. I unzip my jacket and dig through layers of Gore-Tex looking for a sliver of cotton somewhere to dry my camera lens. But I really don't care. Because with each snap of the shutter, I’m capturing this. Today. This moment. Where I don’t think anything has ever been this wet. Photographing this space in time. Each drop. And somewhere inside them the unending hope that clings to steelheaders.”

“Looking at this image, I can smell the rain. Hear the water. Remember who we were that day. And this is why I do this. Why I take pictures. There is no question that fly fishing and photography go hand in hand, given the beautiful places the sport takes us and the spectacular fish we (sometimes) catch. But what really moves you? What’s your why? Find that and then do it for you.” – Kat Mueller

About the author: Kat Mueller stomped her first riverbank, in brown neoprene, at the age of 11. Since then her fishing adventures have taken her around the globe — chasing trout, roosterfish, tarpon, bonefish, permit, and the occasional carp. But she’d trade it all for a cold, drizzly, fishless day on a Pacific Northwest steelhead river. Today she lives in Fort Collins, CO, with her fishy husband, kickflip-ing son, and two squirrel-crazed cattle mutts. In addition to this publication, her images can be found in The Drake, in the Simms “Fish it Well” campaign, on her website and on the ‘gram under her alter ego, @pamelasweetcakes.

For the entire article you can check out the digital version of the 2021 CURRENT HERE, stop in the shop to pick up a copy, or order an issue free-of-charge from our online store.

- Will Rice/Editor

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