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Meet the Contributor: Cameron Scott

Will Rice / Apr 3, 2021

I first met Cam Scott back in 2016. We were both reading our work in Vancouver, BC and it was the final stop on the Writers on the Fly Cascadia Tour. Most of the readings were entertaining long yarns about catching – and often times not catching – a wide variety of fish across a wide variety of fisheries. At that point, Cam had published two poetry collections – “The Book of Ocho” followed by the “Book of Cold Mountain.” Since then, he’s published two additional books entitled “Watershed” and “The Snake River Poems.”

That night in Vancouver his readings were captivating, stood out from the crowd, and left a memorable impression on me.

If you haven’t checked out Cameron’s poem in the 2021 CURRENT it can be found on page 34 – it is one of my favorite pieces in this year’s magazine.

About the author: born in Colorado, Cameron Scott has knocked around the dusty and not so dusty west, holds an MFA in poetry from the University of Arizona, teaches 7th-12th grade English Language Arts, and spends his summers as a fly fishing guide. His lyrical essays and poems have appeared in magazines, journals, and periodicals and in 2016 he was awarded the Blue Light Book Award for his second book of poetry, The Book of Cold Mountain. His most recent collection of poetry is Watershed, by Alice Green & Co. He has gratefully received residencies and taught over the years through Colorado Art Ranch, Chiloquin Visions in Progress, Playa, Pentaculum, and Fishtrap. If you have leftovers, he will eat them. For more information about Cam and his work visit

To read Cam’s piece you can check out the digital version of the 2021 CURRENT HERE, stop in the shop to pick up a copy, or order an issue free-of-charge from our online store.

- Will Rice/Editor

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