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Miss Swinging By The Shop? Join Us On LIVE CHAT!

Ivan Orsic / Mar 26, 2020

As we all make an effort to #flattenthecurve, there's no doubt that there are plenty of adjustments that we've all had to make. One such adjustment is having an empty fly shop. It's frankly not something we're used to. If you have any questions about fishing, gear, fly choice, rigging, or just want to check in with us, we're available online through our website's Live Chat. Spend more than ten seconds on our website and the bottom right corner will blink with a notification inviting you to "Please let me know if you have any questions while you're browsing". We're here. Let's talk fishing.

Here's a quick rundown of who you'll see on live chat.

Tucker Ladd | President/Owner

Tucker Ladd was born and raised in Colorado. For Tucker, fly fishing is more than just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle that keeps him close to nature and the natural world. Tucker fly fishes for the camaraderie it brings with friends and family. Fly fishing has become an activity that brings peace and relaxation to his life and is something he tries to share with every person he meets.

Rick Mikesell | Chief Operations Manager

Rick Mikesell, a Colorado Native, began working at Trouts Fly Fishing in June of 2010. If you have a question about equipment, flies or gear – regardless of how technical – Rick will have an answer and most likely a pointed opinion. In addition to fishing for trout in the higher elevations of Colorado, Rick is often found chasing a wide range of species in Colorado including pike, muskie, bass and carp.

Alex Kass | Online/Website Manager

Alex is a Wisconsin native, but grew up in Summit County, snowboarding and fly fishing. From the 4 a.m. alarm clock going off to the four-hour drive in the dark, to a breakfast of a Coors Banquet and gas station pizza - all of this adds to the experience of getting out on the water for Alex. Good friends, long days, traveling to new locations, the list goes on. Fishing has brought Alex to so many places he would have never experienced without it. It has created memories and friends he would have never met. Although a trophy fish is always in the back of my mind when heading out the door, it is really what leads up to that moment that fuels his fishing.

Eric Schmidt | Denver Regional Store Manager

Eric has been chasing anything that swims with his fly rod since his days as a middle schooler getting after Bluegill on poppers. But, his favorite fishing is on water that moves. He loves the sounds, smells and sights of a river or creek. It just so happens that he live in a place with no shortage of moving water. What keeps him coming back to a favorite river or creek is the lively pulling on the end of his line, but he also really enjoy the challenges of conflicting currents, presentation, and reading water. Casting a dry dropper rig in pocket water and catching the fish that was exactly where you thought it should be...

Ivan Orsic | Brand/Marketing Manager

An aficionado of gas station breakfast sandwiches and fly fishing for western trout, Ivan has been trying to figure out how fish good for his entire life. While he hasn't cracked the code quite yet, he tries real hard. Like someone's misinformed Mama once told him, work harder not smarter. While he now calls Colorado home Ivan cut his fly fishing teeth while living in Western Montana during his 20s. There aren't many things Ivan likes more than an aggressive streamer eat or fishing huge dry flies to willing brown trout. When he’s not on the water or capturing photos & video, you might find Ivan relaxing in his backyard cracking a cold High Life (glass bottles only) with his wife, Maggie, daughter, Mila and dog, Bosley.

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