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Montana Road Tripin'

Ivan Orsic / Nov 12, 2013

With our Consumer Show season right around the corner, we needed to address some critical issues concerning our show booth; i.e. replacing the main wooden structure that has become a serious liability hazard over the past few years. A quick call up the Jim Adams of Adams and Sons Fixture Company in Bozeman, MT (the original owner/builder of our show booth) quickly turned into an offer we couldn't refuse. We transport our old booth up to Bozeman, and Jim would happily trade us for his newer, lighter, safer and better looking structure. Can anyone say ROAD TRIP.

We drew straws in the shop to see who would get to go, and wouldn't you know the Boss and Cody was chosen to stay back and watch over the shop, while Rick and Will got to go explore the great North, with a few "pit stops" along the way. Here's a photo breakdown of Days 1 & 2, Day 3 (today) will be spent swinging steamers on the famed Big Horn River out of Fort Smith, MT. I'll let the lucky duo divulge the fruits of their labors upon their return.

Penske Van, check. Old shady show booth, check. Ample amounts of fishing gear, check.

The sun rising over Norhern I-25. There was a pit stop on the Lower North Platte River along the way. Corespondance with Will went something like this:

Will: Well... we got side tracked on the N Platte. We're back on the road now. Almost to Casper.

Me: Fishing good?

Will: Rick caught an 18" rainbow. Good start to the road trip...

Me: Swinging?

Will: No... we were sight fishign for carp on the lower section where I knew some fish congregated. BIG rainbow tailing in a slew.

Me: Nice

Day 2. First stop was at the Adam and Sons Fixture CO in Bozeman. Trouts was lucky enough to have this company help design and build most of the fixtures that inhabit our Denver location.

Jim and Mary Adams, the proprietors of Adam and Sons Fixture CO

Our new Show Booth ready to be loaded

Exterior bolt fittings for the new booth

New booth, locked and loaded

Stop #2 was to pick up a new lot of Big Sky Rod Boxes. For those unfamiliar with this new product, these are high end fly rod carriers designed and manufactured in Bozeman. 100% USA made, puts Titan Rod Boxes to shame. Did we mention that we are the only purveyors of these fine products? Call or email us for details, or you can learn more about them here.

Stop #3 was with our friends at Simms Fishing Products. They've got a new facility that is pretty amazing, inside and out.

Rick and Will were given an factory tour, followed by meetings with their Marketing and Customer Service Departments. To say Trouts is proud to be a part of the Simms family would be an understatement. They make some of the finest wears in the Fly Fishing Industry, and we're proud to be their largest Colorado dealer.

Next stop, Fort Smith, MT. But first they had to make a quick pit stop at this unnamed stream. Last word we got from our crew was when they were passing through Billings grabbing some Chinese food. We hope their digestive systems are holding it together. Stay tuned for a rundown of Day 3.

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