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New 2018 SIMMS G3 Guide Boot Review

Ivan Orsic / Nov 1, 2017

Wading Boots. The highest compliment I can provide to a pair of wading boots is that I didn’t notice them. I don’t want to dread putting them on, taking them off, or frankly wearing them. I want to wade confidently and I want my wading boots to last. Not too much to ask from my perspective, am I right? After one month of heavy use, the new 2018 Simms G3 Guide Boot fits that bill.

The new 2018 G3 Guide Boot brings about a significant overhaul in appearance. The upper features scratch rubber (a lot of it) laid over the waterproof nubuck leather upper for added durability. It also features a longer lacing pattern for better customizability and fit. There is a molded external TPU heel counter and the old leather heel loop has been replaced by a TPU molded heel clip. On the interior, there isn’t much change, the new Guide Boot like previous generations features a durable neoprene lining for comfort.

Over the past month, from the Front Range to the Westslope (washing and drying between rivers of course), the felt sole version of the new Simms G3 Guide Boot has been my boot of choice. I fished a selection of river with a wide variety of waters with substrates ranging from mud to gravel to cobble. Underfoot, the felt bottom (which is studdable) performed as you’d expect it to. I definitely recommend studding these felt boots, as felt can sometimes struggle with some of the conditions we encounter along the banks of our Colorado rivers, specifically with mud, snow, and early morning dew on tall grass.

Where the new Simms G3 Guide Boot separated itself from the herd was the fit and ease of use. The longer lacing pattern allowed for the fit of the boot to be truly customized. With a good fit, these boots wear well over the course of the day. Meaning, I didn’t feel like I was hauling around 20-pound bricks with my feet by the time I reached the truck at sunset. Combine the superior fit with the ankle support provided by the new G3 Guide Boot and it’s hard to find any qualms with this new wading boot from SIMMS.

What struck me early and often was how easy it was to put on and take off the new 2018 G3 Guide Boot. This was something that I always struggled with in previous wading boots. This was done without the fit of the boot being sacrificed. With the SIMMS exclusive Rivertread build, I felt confident hopping rocks along the Arkansas, wading deep on the Colorado, crossing the elevated Conejos River, and chasing down the “big one” in Deckers. Obviously, I can’t speak to durability, as I’ve only had them for a month. But, with the inclusion of the scratch rubber on the uppers and all of my experience with previous boots from SIMMS, I expect a high level of durability. After all, these boots are designed with working guides in mind. Designed with 200-plus river days in mind. All in all, the new Simms G3 Guide Boot is the perfect companion for the new G3 Guide Stockingfoot waders and are definitely worth a look if you’re in the market for a new pair of wading boots.

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