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NEW CLASS // Intro To Euro Nymphing

Ivan Orsic / Jan 30, 2022

At Trout’s Fly Fishing, we understand the importance of providing a quality educational experience for those looking to get into the lifestyle of fly fishing. At some point we have all been a novice angler, and as such we understand the difficulties and frustrations that exist for beginners. Yet, we also know that satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that comes from mastering this beautiful sport and becoming a self-reliant angler. It is our understanding of this unique educational process and our love of introducing people to the lifestyle of fly fishing that truly separates us and our Intro To Euro Nymphing school from the competition!

If you are interested in signing up for Intro To Euro Nymphing make sure to call the shop at 303-733-1434 and book your spot!

Photo by Jakob Burleson
What Is Intro To Euro Nymphing?

Born from competition fly fishing, Euro Nymphing is quickly becoming THE go-to style of nymph fishing. Google makes it easy for us to get overwhelmed with information on how to Euro Nymph. This class will get you started in the right direction and make it much easier to comprehend by breaking down the info into what you really need to know. In our Intro to Euro Nymphing class, we will cover equipment, rigging styles, flies and water types. We will also explain in detail the difference between Euro-style and indicator-style nymphing. This class is 2 hours in length. For upcoming dates, check out our Customer Events Calendar.


$75 per person


Our Intro To Euro Nymphing classes are open to all ages. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


Our Trouts Denver location.


Check out our Education Calendar for the upcoming Intro To Euro Nymphing classes.

Can't Make It To A Class? Checkout our Reading Water Series

Reading water and understanding how to present and fish your fly in a specific section of water trumps fly selection in many ways. We're excited to launch a new SERIES on our YouTube Channel titled: "READING WATER." In each episode of READING WATER, we will tag along with a skilled and experienced angler who will give us insight into how they approach a specific section of water from all angles - GEAR, RIGGING, FLY CHOICE, SEASONALITY, FLOWS, and the like.

For this episode of READING WATER, we joined Umpqua's own Russell Miller as picks apart a classic western freestone riffle-run sequence with a variety of Euro Nymphing Tactics. Russ talks through his gear selection, available forage, fly selection, rigging, approach, and a variety of presentations with the long rod. From multi-fly nymph rigs to dry-dropper fishing to jigging streamers, Russ puts the pieces of the puzzle together on the water within the framework of the Euro Nymphing technique. Enjoy in HD.

In addition to this READING WATER episode, we'll be releasing (in the coming days) companion videos on rigging and fly selection from our day on the water with Russ. We're calling the three video series "Euro Nymphing - CRASH COURSE."

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