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New for 2020: Orvis Recon Fly Rod & Hydros Fly Reel

Ivan Orsic / Mar 8, 2020

Spring is at our fingertips and Orvis knows that we're chomping at the bit for happy trout and damn good value. The new Orvis Recon takes a lot of cues from the industry-leading Orvis Helios 3. From construction techniques to a profile that splits the difference between the Orvis Helios 3F (for Finesse and Presentation) and the Orvis Helios 3D (for Power), the all-new American-Made Orvis Recon fly rod is a swiss army knife of fly rods that comes with tremendous value at it's price point (starting at $498). In addition to the more traditional trout sizes, the Recon is available in a big game/saltwater sizes, as well (up to a 9-foot 12-weight).

Additionally, the ever-popular Hydros Large Arbor Reel has been updated and improved. Not only is the reel 30% lighter than the Hydros SL, but the new edition features a lot of additional refinements to the drag knob, reel seat, and counterbalance. Starting at $219, the Hydros continues to be one of the best bang for your buck fly reels on the market.

Swing by the shop to check the new rod and reel out in person or nab a fly outfit in time for spring from our online store.


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