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NEWS | Suncor Refinery Facing Review

Will Rice / Nov 30, 2020

Suncor refinery north of Denver faces state review - Colorado officials say they hear calls for closure after 108 malfunctions in 5 years - From the Denver Post

If you’ve ever fished the South Platte River around the confluence of Sand Creek north of Downtown, you’ll most likely recognize the ancient-looking oil refinery facility looming not far from the river's banks. You might also remember the story when Suncor and the South Platte made local news headlines if you fished this section back in 2011 and 2012.

Here is a brand new story about Suncor written by Bruce Finley, the Environment Reporter, from the Denver Post that outlines some tough and very complex issues that will be put in front of Colorado officials, including the Colorado Department of Public Health. It will be interesting to follow this story as it unfolds and what decisions get made that will most likely impact the South Platte River.

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