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Now In Stock // Simms Fly Weight Access and Guide Boa Boots

Ivan Orsic / Mar 14, 2022

Simms has once again set the standard for high-quality, durable, innovative, and stylish wading boots that will last season after season. From lightweight fabrics that don’t sacrifice performance to rugged wading boots that meet the demands of professional fly fishing guides, Simms brand new Flyweight Access Boot and the new Guide BOA boot are two top options for those looking to upgrade for the upcoming season. No matter the situation you find yourself in, Simms wading boots will be right there with you.

The Simms Flyweight Access Boot

Say hello to your brand new trail and stream companion, the Simms Flyweight Access Wading Boots. Brand new for 2022, the much anticipated Flyweight Access wading boots are some of the most feature-rich wading boots on the market. Designed with weight in mind, anglers can ensure that the performance, rigidity, and grip have not been sacrificed. The brand new Simms Flyweight Access wading boots come with a brand new Vibram rubber compound exclusive to Simms - IDROGRIP. Designed for exceptional grip on wet and slippery terrain, Simms and Vibram worked together to develop a rubber blend specifically for the demands of fly fishing. This exclusive compound is specifically designed to perform well on rugged trekking trails, ensuring you get to your destination. Inspired by the rubber found on the soles of free climbing shoes, IDROGRIP provides anglers with the highest grip possible to keep you upright, even in icy conditions. While these won’t take ice cleats, there are designated places for metal studs for increased traction. However, the extreme tact will perform perfectly fine.

So what happens when you wear down the soles of these bad boys? Simms has you covered. Simms can send you a brand new sole when you need a re-sole. Take it to your local cobbler, and you will be back on your feet, hunting your favorite trout streams in no time.

The Simms Warranty

"If your Simms product fails due to a defect in workmanship or materials, SIMMS will repair or replace your gear and get you back on the water as soon as possible."
- Simms Fly Fishing - 2022

The brand new Simms Flyweight Access Boots are an incredible option for anglers looking to grab their first pair of wading boots or looking for a lighter-weight alternative. These boots will perform great as wet wading boots or with stockingfoot waders. Whether you are finding your secret spot in Cheesman Canyon or wading deep on the Eagle make sure you have a pair of the brand new Simms Flyweight Access Boots.

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The Simms Guide BOA Wading Boot

If you aren't familiar with the BOA lacing system, to put it simply, the cables tighten evenly across the tongue of the boot with the rotation of a single knob. It's quick, easy, and equally or even more durable than your standard laces. The Guide BOAs have received a significant facelift from the Headwaters BOAs that came before them. The full synthetic TPU coated upper replaced traditional leather and immensely improved all-day comfort. The TPU coated upper also plays into the overall durability design of the boot as it doesn't get brittle over time like some of your traditional non-TPU coated wading boots due over time or shrink in cold water. The high-impact areas of the boots, the toe and heel areas, are reinforced with an extra layer of Vibram rubber to keep these boots kicking season after season. However, don't just take my word for it; Trouts Denver's very own, Scott Battista got to use the new Simms Guide Boa boots for a couple of days, here are his first impressions.

First Impressions

"I'm not a felt sole guy by any means, but there is a time and place for everything. I was certainly blown away by how comfortable the boots were on a hike into Cheesman Canyon as that is the last scenario you'd expect felt soles to excel. I can only imagine how well the Vibram would have handled the task. If you haven't used felt soles in a river, the grip is second to none. I felt confident getting to each spot in the river with little to no slips. When not in the water, the boots drained exceptionally well, and the closed-cell neoprene lining was light and dried quickly as well. The felt sole on some grassier banks will have you reaching for studs, but overall it was fun to get back to felt for the day and the immediate future."

In short, The Guide BOAs should be in every angler's rotation, especially this time of year when the water temps are still a bit cold. If you've been on the water in near-freezing temps, you know frozen laces and cold hands are the last thing you want to deal with at the end of the day.

The build of the new Guide BOAs offers comfort and stability with synthetic uppers and reinforced toe and heel areas, highlighting Simms's dedication to durability and longevity. When rock-hopping from place to place is required, it is best to opt for the Vibram soles, although, if your day on the water requires a little less trekking, the felt soles are a perfect option as well. In the event that your BOA laces need repairs, bring them into our Trouts Fly Fishing Denver location and we will happily replace them for you.

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Now that we gained an extra hour of sunlight, it's time to start thinking about those warmer days of wet wading and standing in your favorite river. And, to do it properly, you'll need a good pair of wading boots to keep you upright. While these two wading boots are the most anticipated for spring 2022, Simms has an extensive catalog of wading boots that are perfectly suited no matter what your needs are for your day on the water. The best place to get them? Right here at Trouts Fly Fishing. If you are looking to try them on for yourself, or grab a pair for an upcoming trip, make sure to swing by the shop, and any one of our staff members will be happy to help you!

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