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One Rig to Rule Them All: Ivan Orsic

Ivan Orsic / Mar 20, 2017

This week we will continue our One Rig to Rule Them All Series. If you are not familiar, we have presented the idea to our shop employees and guides to choose one Rod/Reel/Line Setup as well as a choice of 3 fly patterns to fish for an entire year. This week we have caught up with our Marketing & Brand Manager, Ivan Orsic. Here's what he had to say:

Rod: Orvis Helios 2 - Replaced by Helios 3 - 9 foot 5 weight - The H2 has been an all-around workhorse for me for the past several years. A five weight H2 is versatile enough to handle all the water that Colorado has to offer, from small streams to technical tailwaters to our big freestones. The H2 loads well and allows me throw line quickly and accurately, which is the name of the game after all. You can’t catch fish while false casting for a half hour...believe me, I’ve tried. I like to spend a good deal of my spring, runoff season, summer, and fall throwing larger streamers, and the H2 has enough backbone to deliver larger flies to those pinpoint spots under cutbanks without requiring extra effort or strain on my part.


Nautilus X-Series

- What’s not to love about a lightweight reel equipped with that famous Nautilus drag at a reasonable price point.

Line: Rio Intouch Perception - REPLACED by RIO Perception WF5F Elite WF5F - The Rio Intouch Perception was the first line to get Connect-Core technology and since it’s introduction, I’ve been a fan. It has a semi-aggressive, balanced taper that casts well in a variety of situations.

Flies: The Double Gonga is my first fly of choice. I like anything that’s articulated with marabou and little bit of ice dub. Craven’s creation checks all those boxes. Plus you can fish it with or without sinking line. That kind of versatility is

valuable. The Pheasant Tail is my second pick. This classic can be fished throughout Colorado - tailwaters to freestones in a variety of sizes and it will catch fish. If I don’t have pheasant tails in my box, chances are I’m not catching fish or I’m throwing streamers. My dry fly of choice is going to be the Parachute Adams. From tiny midges to big drakes, the Parachute works as an imitation and an attractor, a perfect fly for this kind of scenario.

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