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Out of Office Reply - a kick off to my Key West adventure

Ivan Orsic / May 31, 2014

I felt a certain level of superiority as I sat on the plane awaiting takeoff. Maybe it was due to the fact I was sitting in first class (a benefit of waiting until the last minute to book your flight, when the price difference between coach and first class is $100), or perhaps is was the fact that I was headed for a 5 day run of tarpon fishing out of Key West. Ah yes, this is most likely the culprit of my current state of mind.

Looking around the plane, I feel certain that nobody around me (other than my travel and fishing companion) is destined for the kind of toils and adventures I’m in store for. It slowly starts to sink in, my office for the next 5 days: extensive ocean flats. Our targeted prey: large migratory tarpon, resident permit, and maybe the occasional bonefish. Obligations for the next week: eat, sleep, fish, repeat.

Fly fishing is unquestionably an amazing pursuit. The places it takes you, the people you meet, and the adventures you are going to inevitably to experience are what make this sport such an addictive hobby lifestyle. So as I sit contemplating whether 9am is too early for a beer, the fact that I'm on my to spend 5 days on a flats boat with good customers and friends brings a smile to my face, and a calm that only comes after take-off on your way to your next fishing adventure.

Yes, life is good.

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