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Perfect Gifts For The Trout Angler

Brandon Rodriguez / Dec 7, 2021

It should be no surprise to anyone anymore that the holidays are here, and during this time of year, you are either on the giving or receiving end of the holiday season festivities. I understand that it can be tricky to shop for fly fishing enthusiasts. At times it seems that we have everything we need at times; there could be no possible way to have more things. But, as is the case with any hobby, the tiny little items can mean the most or are often most overlooked by the angler themselves. So, today we are going over a list of perfect items for the trout angler in your life. Each of these gifts is perfect for any level of angler, new or old.

Rising Ultralight Pliers

The Rising Ultralight plies are simply the best pair of pliers on the market. It does not matter if you take a week-long trip to the San Juan River or an after-work strike mission to your local pond; the Rising Ultralight Pliers are a must-have for any trout angler. The Ultralight has been a staple for Rising since 2006, and In 2010 they improved the original design by replacing the external spring with an internal spring. By adding an internal spring, the ultralight pliers operate on an augmented operating tension system. Around eleven years later, the Rising Ultralight pliers are still the best-selling ultralight pliers on the market, especially for the serious trout angler. This high-quality pair of pliers are perfect for long days on the water and comes equipped with a well-placed attachment hole for safely securing your tool just about anywhere. This fantastic minimalist tool comes equipped with: a 3-click lock system with smooth tapered tips - for easily debarbing everything from steelhead hooks to micro-midges, Serrated Scissors - to cut any size line or tippet, or mid-session fly modification, Internal Spring - excellent operating tension in your hand. Our pliers want to be open, making them more responsive in your hand and easier to use and, finally, individually quality controlled in Utah. This pair of pliers is a fantastic option this holiday season and will easily be your next "Go-To" lightweight pliers the next time you step out onto the river. Ensure your loved one never gets caught not having the proper tools; make sure you have the Rising Ultralight Pliers. As with any Rising product, the Rising Ultralight Pliers are backed by Rising's unconditional warranty.

Fishpond Tacky Daypack Fly Box - 2X:

If there is one thing you need to start fly fishing and, more importantly, enjoy fly fishing, it is a quality fly box. When you head out to the water for a day of fly fishing, it is paramount that you have enough flies with you, especially if you are new to the sport. This holiday season, give the gift of storage with the Fishpond Tacky Daypack Fly Box - 2X. The Daypack Fly Box 2X is one of our staff's favorite fly boxes and is perfect for year-round fishing. This fly box comes in a small package yet is equipped with enough storage for just about every freshwater situation you may encounter when you are on the water. This box is an ideal gift this holiday season, especially for anglers who always want to stay prepared for any hatch they may run into on the water. The Day Pack 2X fly box is one of the top-selling fly boxes here at Trouts Fly Fishing and, for a good reason. The Day Pack 2X is genuinely a fly anglers' dream setup with the endless pursuit to always be prepared. With both sides of the box dedicated to fly storage, this fly box is a minimalist dream design that can fit inside your front T-shirt pocket or side the pocket of your wet wading shorts. This updated version of the original daypack fly box is double the size of the original Tacky Day Packs with the same classic blue silicone color and bi-directional slit design. This box comes equipped with Fishpond's traditional Latchless magnetic closures that keep your trout flies dry all day long. With the Day Pack 2X fly box gone are the days when you were forced to decide between bringing enough flies to cover a full day's worth of hatches of the day or heading out on a one-hour twilight session. With Tacky's original, patented silicone anchoring technology and bi-directional slits lining both sides of the box, up to 360 flies fit right in the pocket of your wet wading shorts.

Make sure the angler you love is ready for any hatch that comes their way on the water; make sure they have the Tacky Daypack Fly Box 2X.

Pat Dorsey's Fly Fishing Guide to the South Platte River - New Edition

The South Platte River is one of the most famous stretches of tailwater in the western U.S., located in Colorado. This world-class trout fishery is only an hour-ish drive from a major metropolitan area and home to some of the heftiest fish in Colorado. If you are dying to catch more trout on the picky tailwaters of the South Platte River, then Pat Dorsey's Fly Fishing Guide to the South Platte River is the perfect book to gift this holiday season! This book is written by one of the most accomplished and popular fly fishing guides in the western United States, Pat Dorsey. Pat Dorsey gives insight into how to fish the South Platte River and provides insights into each season's challenges along this world-famous tailwater. If you or someone you know is looking to increase their knowledge of this trout-filled paradise, then the updated Fly Fishing Guide to The South Platte River is your best option! The updated version of this book comes equipped with new maps, new photos, and updated detailed information on this world-class trout fishery.

Pat Dorsey is amongst the Mount Rushmore of fly fishing guides here in Colorado, and an opportunity to learn from a master such as himself is worth taking. This is a great book for those looking to better understand how to fish the South Platte River or simply for basic information like access points or good ideas for fly selection and rigging. For many, these books are like collector's items, and it is a beautiful way to see how a fishery like the South Platte changes over time. This is more than just a simple "How-To" book; it is a careful study written by someone who might as well have a Ph.D. on the subject. Give the gift of learning this season with the Fly Fishing Guide to the South Platte River written by the legend himself, Pat Dorsey.

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Trout Fly Line

Fly lines are one of the most critical aspects of fly fishing and can be a game-changer for beginner to intermediate anglers. When you decide to upgrade your fly line, picking which one is best for you and your situation can be challenging. For many of us, we want our fly line to do all things well, and we want our fly line to help us make those casts at longer distances and give us the advantage in specific dry fly presentations. When searching for a fly line that can honestly do it all, there should only be one on the top of your list, Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Trout Fly Line. The Amplitude Smooth series of lines are, put, the highest-performance smooth fly lines in the world. With up to five times less drag and eight times the durability of traditional lines, this will change how you look at fly line performance. The Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Trout Fly Lines can be classified as the "Jack of all Trades" for fly fishing lines. This line is used by many fly fishing guides for their clients and should be the top option for any age or skill level.

There's a sipper 40 feet away, and he looks like he's eating tricos. The natural rhythms of the rise and the river begin to make sense, so you ready yourself to cast. You shouldn't be thinking about your fly line at that moment because you should trust it implicitly. At that moment, you need the Amplitude Smooth Trout taper. Featuring our unparalleled AST Plus slickness additive, the Amplitude Smooth Trout is designed specifically for precise presentations and those who love dry flies.

Rising Lunker Net 24" Handle

With 24 inches of reach, the Rising Net is the perfect net for any serious angler. The Lunker Net is designed to handle fish of all sizes with the size and shape of the hoop. The 24″ handle offers you the extra reach to land fish in personal watercraft or doubles up as a staff when wade fishing. Use it for trout or off the boat in the salt… The Lunker Net can handle it all. Offered in 8 different colors of anodization and made at our HQ in Francis, Utah, USA.

G. Loomis IMX-PRO Fly Rod

The G. Loomis IMX Pro Series is a formidable and high-performance series of fly rods that doesn't break the bank. Built to the unrelenting specifications of professional fishing guides, the IMX-PRO series is comprised of 15 purpose-driven designs to meet the performance demands of modern freshwater fishing. The G.Loomis IMX Pro fly rods are the perfect fly rod if you are looking to upgrade and test the waters when it comes to "high-end fly rods". Each size and length of the IMX PRO lineup was designed to do an exceptional job, and it shows. The IMX Pro series offers anglers fantastic single had rod options in a price range that make a perfect gift for the angler looking for the ideal trout Spey rod that works well on larger rivers outside of Colorado. A popular option for this fly rod is the IMX Pro Creek Fly Rod. Coming in at a lighter rod weight than the rest in its class, the IMX Pro C is a fantastic summer alpine and creek fly rod that does not break the bank. At its core, the IMX-PRO Creek is a dedicated high-power rod targeted to small water junkies. If you are someone who values a rod that has fast line speed at a short distance while still maintaining its accuracy, this is the rod for you.

Ross Reels San Miguel Fly Reel

The return of an icon. Since Ross Reels started in 1973, one model epitomizes what a Ross Reel is: the San Miguel. It defined the ultimate in class and finesse, and now, over two decades since it was first launched, the classic returns. Meticulously designed in our Colorado factory, the new San Miguel blends modern machining and materials with all of the elements that made the original iconic. Returning are the polished high-gloss black finish on a solid-backed frame, the liquid-smooth free spool, wide-range adjustable sealed drag, and the famous "flower petal" porting. This new version also debuts modern features such as a canvas micarta handle, a material used in high-end custom knives to improve wet grip. The precision sealed drag system consists of a carbon / stainless steel stack-up, yielding strong yet smooth resistance. The large-arbor spool is accentuated by a machined stainless steel push-button release that looks as good as it performs. This integration of classic and new features makes this reel a worthy heir of the iconic San Miguel name.

I hope this little list of perfect gifts for the trout angler in your life helps this holiday season. As always, if you have any questions regarding the product shoot me an email at

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