Trouts Journal

Photo Essay: A Day Chasing Brookies and Finding a Monster

Ivan Orsic / Jun 23, 2017

While the thermometers were set to reach record highs along the Front Range, we were busy heading up the hill, in search of some of Colorado's High Country residents.

It didn't take us long to be on the water, our first stop on the day was a very familiar spot right off the highway. Andrew and Andrew eagerly waiting for the next strike. We call them the "Skunk Ender Ponds"

The skunk was off in a hurry. What these Brookies lack in size, they sure deleiver in looks.

It was time to head across the highway to check on a few more Brookies. This was the setup for the day, Winston Air 8'6" 3 Wt matched with the Hatch Finatic 2+. Tough to beat that combo.

There were plenty of goodbyes over the next few hours.

What happened next wasn't on the agenda. Legends of these fish in this area certainly exist... He took the 3wt for quite the ride.

Tank tops, wet wading and Colorado Browns... Does it get any better than this?

Lunch was next. Andrew Medina might not have "Top Chef" credentials but, he sure can whip up a mean creekside burger.

While lunch was on the grill, we were busy making bets the Andrew L couldn't land a kick-flip without spilling his beer. Little did we know he's actually Tony Hawk.

The Goods... Trust me, it tasted a lot better than it looks.

Gus certainly approved on Andrew's burgers.

Ok now back to fishing. Andrew M or as we call him "Little Andrew" having some fun twitching hoppers across beaver ponds and watching ambitious Brookies smash them just about every cast.

A victim of the skating Hopper.

There were a few risers to say the least. Taking advantage of these long summer days and enjoying evenings like this sum up what a Colorado Summer looks like.

The elusive Tiger Trout was pretty sweet icing on the cake for the day. I decided to call it a day after landing this little guy. It was time now to sit back and enjoy giving the 2 Andrews a hard time until we ran out of sunlight.

Not a bad way to end the day. It is safe to say, Summer around Trouts is off to a good start!

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