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Photo Essay: A Day On Eagle River

Ivan Orsic / Feb 24, 2017

**Author Chris Fildes, Trouts Frisco GM

I spoke with Trouts Frisco Guide Tim Suplee on Saturday afternoon as the weather was significantly improving up here in Frisco. Those warmer temperatures were starting to free up a lot of the freestones, and so naturally we wanted to float! Sunday rolls around and the sun starts to disappear behind Mount Royal. I thought to myself, “We are not floating tomorrow.. However we are going to still spend the day on some freestone river with some Trouts friends and have just as much of a good time”.

Jon Kirk joined us in the morning up in Frisco. We all looked at the buried boat one last time and presumed to pack the car up (without Tim’s raft). So Eagle or Ark? The weather apps read that it was going to rain for most of the day in Salida so we all decided to poke around Gypsum, Eagle, and Wolcott for the day. Check out some of the photos we took from our day on the Eagle River!

There she is, buried in a huge snow bank waiting to see the river again. Not today though.

From Frisco, you can either drive down the road and hit the "Troutlets" in Silverthorne, or drive 45-60 min in any direction and find yourself in a great place to fish for the day with friends. West is the direction we picked and needless to say the it worked out pretty well.

One of Three carrying cases we had in the car (The Orvis Safe Passage Carry It All Case), where you can safely carry all of your reels, rods, accessories, and even cameras. Fully customizable with velcro padded slots. Amazing purchase that makes life easier on the water.

#endorsedbymothernature on the Weekender Box from Umpqua loaded with all sorts of cheeseburgers, drumsticks, and mini M&Ms.

Gypsum Ponds for the first half of the day usually can make even a guy like Jon Kirk smile. We caught quite a few fish and relocated to a spot up river as the Sun was high in the sky.

Ooos and Ahhhs all around, for the release shot. . We luckily had several chances to get it right but this one stuck out the most by far - Nice fish Jon Kirk!

Style.. Ease.. It's almost like he keeps that in his pack next to his leaders and split shot. The Umpqua Sling in Copper on Tim’s back.

It’s never really the intention to get hung up on the bottom and lose your entire rig, but it happens.. Time to open up my Umpqua Weekender food truck and pick out some more snacks for these happy Eagle River fish.

The water clarity was definitely stained but fish were still eating all sorts of nymphs.

The Nautilus NV-G.. with the new Scientific Anglers AST+ line. All I could think was “Holy Hell”, and after I casted that line a few times I was sold. You will see some of that on my reel this summer.

Another nice Rainbow Trout to the net.. What an afternoon, by this time we each were taking turns tagging in and enjoying that beautiful spring day, some taking photos, some just sitting in the snow.

A nice photogenic fish always is a plus, but this guy was not having it, we got lucky here though! It was almost like the time you took your family to get Christmas pictures with Santa at the mall and everyone needed a Snickers bar.

These days eventually have to end, you can count on each of us thinking about what next week’s day out on the water will bring. Where to fish, what to fish, how we should fish? I guess that we will go with the flow next and see where on the water we all end up.

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