Trouts Journal

PHOTO ESSAY // Between the Storms

Ivan Orsic / Jun 9, 2023

If you live in Colorado, you know nothing about this spring has been typical...and we're fine with it. Pardon us if it takes us a little time to adjust our expectations though. As Trouts Guide Austin Campbell and I sat in his pickup waiting for yet another spring afternoon thunderstorm to roll through, Austin asked me, "Did you check the weather this morning?" "Absolutely not," I responded. A rookie move by me, there's no doubt. During a typical June, an afternoon fishing trip might bring about worries of bad clarity or super cold snowmelt, but a guaranteed afternoon thunderstorm was customarily not in the cards.

"Well, we're already here. There's no sense in leaving now." I said as I pulled out my phone to look at the weather app. It appeared that this afternoon thunderstorm was moving up the valley and looked as though it might last another hour or so. "We can wait it out," remarked Austin as he thumbed through his newly refreshed Spotify playlist.

Slowly, but surely the rain started to slow down and the skies began to clear. We hopped out of the truck and geared up. We had a window and we had to make the most of it.

Rigging up and preparing for it all. The water looked to be in good condition from the truck, but there was a tint to it. Only time would tell.

It was time to roll.

We scurried down the hillslope and were greeted with some decisions...

While we were seeing some blue-wings and a handful of caddis, fish weren't responding on the, it was time to throw the bobber rig.

Austin worked his way into the head of the run.

The water, while low, was off-color from the recent rains.

Austin worked his way up and down the run, adjusting weight, flies, and depth. Eventually, he found the right formula.

A wild brown for his troubles.

It was hard to beat the visuals though. Colorado in spring is a sight to be seen, there's no doubt.

It turned into a bit of a grind. The water was clearly off-color. We saw plenty of smaller leafy debris making it's way downstream. But, Austin was up for the challenge. Put it on the BOARD!

Bye now.

Austin crossed...and bagged another. With light fading, our stomachs grumbling, and Game 1 of the NBA Finals about to start, we called it and headed back to civilization to find some cold beers and a TV.

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