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Photo Essay: Montana Never Gets Old

Ivan Orsic / Sep 29, 2017

As many of you know, Trouts recently took a group up to the Bighorn River if Fort Smith, Montana. Bighorn Angler had the responsibility of putting up with us for a few days. As always, it was a first class experience from the food to the floats. I could ramble on for awhile telling you how great the trip was, but I know you'd rather see pictures. So here is a photo recap fellow Trouts Guide Josh Diller and myself put together!

4 AM departures from Denver lead to a cool, cloudy drive up to Montana on Thursday morning.

Trouts arrives at the Bighorn Angler, well represented to say the least..

It didn't take long for us to get on the water. We saw noses right off the bat. Don stepped up to the plate first... Did he get the job done? Only those who were there will know for sure.

It was a little grassy Thursday afternoon, but streamers produced a few Day 1 fish!

Did I say it was grassy?

This is Harlan (left) and Nick (right) aka "The Goon Squad" It was their first trip to Montana, they provided the comic relief all week long.

The start of Day 2

I had 2 Rules for the Trip. Rule 1 - You don't nymph out of a drift boat. Rule 2 - See Rule 1. The Sage X and the Peanut Envy was my setup.

What is a drift boat ride without Beer? Not as good as one with Beer, that's what.

There were plenty of these streamer eating Browns throughout Day 2

Browns weren't the only fish looking for big meals. Brad, showing off a healthy Bighorn Rainbow.

This Big Brown was the story of the day. Bighorn Angler guide Kyle, showed off some ninja skills sneaking up on this big old blind brown during his float with Josh and Brian. If you missed the video? You can find it somewhere on the interwebs or on Josh's instagram page @joshdiller

Shop dogs Tipper and Frank took advantage of every opportunity they could find to play some fetch. The start of Day 3 was no different.

What's that you see?

Josh lacing up for Day 3

You can't leave go to the Bighorn and not take a picture of the cars... so here they are.

Chances are I was yelling over at Tim, "Set, Set, Set." He wasn't impressed. However, I was impressed by Bighorn Guide Brian toughing the elements in a short sleeve.

Ok, now back to the fish. Corey showing off a nice Brown Trout!

Then it was Josh's turn to get another nice Bighorn Brown to the boat.

When you are in Pete's boat, you don't take many pictures of fish. He says you are wasting time when you should be catching more fish. I took a streamer to the finger in a rush to get at least one snap. Therefore, a barb deep streamer in my hand is why I don't take pictures in Pete's boat.

Sunday was our last day with Bighorn Angler, we wanted to stick around and fish for a bit so we headed for the dam. Then Don went and caught the Walleye that ate all the other Walleye.

We were supposed to head home Sunday... The guys are Bighorn Angler recommended we check out another spot instead. So we piled into the car and headed that way.

Location X wasn't a disappointment. Josh hooked up with a good one.

Not a bad way to end the trip. Thank you Bighorn Angler for showing us a good time, as usual. Until next time Montana!

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