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Photo Essay: Pre-Work Deckers Session with Scott Dickson & Dave Lovell

Ivan Orsic / Sep 25, 2017

With Dave and I not due in the shop until 11 AM this past Friday, we decided to hit up our Head Guide Scott Dickson for a quick AM session on the South Platte near Deckers. Dickson and Lovell have been fishing and guiding on this section of river for more years than they'd like to admit. By the time I reached the river, Dave and Scott were wadered up and picking out flies. Confidence was high, but the sun was not. Waiting for the sun to hit the water, they hit some of their confidence runs early and worked their way into some quality Deckers fish during a short morning session.

This is the perfect opportunity for us to remind you about Dickson and Lovell's upcoming in-store presentation "Fall Fly Fishing the South Platte around Deckers" on Wednesday September, 27th here at the Denver shop starting at 6 PM.

Check out some pictures from our quick morning session and we look forward to seeing you in the shop on Wednesday for their presentation.

Scott wasn't fooling around. His rods were rigged up and ready to go in his Big Sky Rod Box.

With only two hours on the water before we had to head back to work, Dave knew these fly choices were critical. Don't mess it up, Dave.

Dave pointing out where he caught a fish last week. Sure, Dave, we all believe you.

Dave hooked up. Ok, Dave, we believe you.

Scott working the likely water

Dialing the depth in.

Depth dialed.

Not huge...but the skunk was off for Scott.

Dave rerigs as Scott heads up stream.

Scott finds paydirt again and grabs his net to scoop a wild brown trout.

The fall colors are starting to come through.

The sun started to hit the water and Scott worked his way downstream in hopes of sight fishing to a feeding fish.

Go on now...git. Scott and Dave throw their stuff in Scott's guide rig and go.

Trico and midges were coming off.

Dave and Scott trying to pull out a couple 4th quarter fish.

Scotty putting the biscuit in the basket.

The 4th quarter fish flops away and the crew jumped back in the trucks to head back to Denver.

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