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PHOTO ESSAY: A Couple Rising Fish, Two Jons, and One Bad Beer Toss

Ivan Orsic / Apr 17, 2019

For those of you who frequent the shop, there's no doubt you've talked fishing with our own Jon Kirk, Trouts Denver's Assistant Manager. Jon's the proud owner of the shop's most iconic mustache and rumor has it old Tom Selleck has asked him for facial hair grooming tips.

With some time to kill on Monday, Jon and I decided to go fishing. We hit up our new Trouts Denver Sales Associate Jon (known around the shop as Jonathan...or to me as "Jon 2" or "No H" and headed towards Deckers in hopes of fishing to some rising fish.

Jon rigged up his Winston BIIIX up at the truck.

Made a quick collect call to talk about how beat up his hat look.

And got to fishing. Jon throwing the "Shaka" hand.

"No H" gave this likely run a go.

Jon flipped a couple roll casts in.

It wasn't long before we found a couple of willing fish.

King Ropes...Jon Kirk lands a smaller South Platte brown.

Meanwhile, "No H" found some risers. "See, Ivan, right over there."

Clouds were rolling through and we saw a smattering of some respectable sized Blue Winged Olives.

See...there's a rising fish.

Jon 2 threw some darts with his 476 Orvis Superfine Glass fly rod.

More darts.

And got one to the net.

A closer look...

Jon moved upstream and threw a couple casts.

No risers, but they were eating emergers well.

Another South Platte stunner for Kirk.

Kirk kept on wrangling them.

They came in all sizes.

Bye now.

Jon had a couple of celebratory beers at the ready.

We headed upstream and found reason enough for another celebratory beer. I gave it a toss.


A Bit Outside. Admittedly, not my best toss.

Another rising fish. Another reason to celebrate.

It was cool to watch this fish pick off Blue Winged Olive duns at his own pace.

Bye now, Mayfly.

Always hurts to see your fly ignored. Jon 2 felt this one pretty hard.

A couple more casts and a couple more hook ups.

And our day was coming to a close. It's always a good day when you find feeding fish on the South Platte.

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