Trouts Journal


Tanner Smith / Mar 3, 2022

A good fishing trip doesn’t require much. A few fish, decent company and a couple beers is all it takes for me. This past weekend shop youngster Scotty B and myself set out to find those things. With the weather projected to be in the mid 50s in Salida it didn’t take much convincing on fishing the Ark for a few days. We decided on an early Sunday morning departure with the plan of hitting Rudy’s up for breakfast on the way down. Yes, the same Rudy’s Ivan and I stopped at last week. Rule 1… If Rudy’s breakfast tacos are even remotely on the way I suggest the stop every time.

Now, let’s get back to the action. As we crossed the Ark for the first time it was pretty clear the recent cold wasn’t gone yet. The flows were a bit slushy. After about an hour or so things began to clear up. From that point on everything else pretty much fell into place. Fish were caught, laughs were had and an evening spent between the Boathouse Cantina and Benson’s provided the beers. The following day can be summed up in just about the same way. Spending a few days bouncing around the Ark on warm spring days is pretty tough to beat.

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story…

Did I mention Rudy’s? Looks good, doesn’t it? Well, it was really good. Like the best.
After the slush cleared… Scott hooked up pretty soon after…
Then this happened...swing and a miss
Alright, lets try that again
Oh noo… Not again. If you cannot tell, I was laughing pretty hard at this point. Also, notice Scotts look of defeat
Now we are talking. Scott is back on the board!
I took a few swings as well. The old winter freestone saying, “If you find one, you’ve probably found 20.”
Slowly but surely the fishing started to heat up. Tough to beat a couple of freestone browns
Some of you might know this bridge...The fish weren’t stacked in there at all. Have I mentioned Gus also joined us?
Maybe those fish were stacked up by the bridge...
I mentioned beers at the beginning of this photo essay, don't think I forgot. Oh, these were Pacificos for those wondering.
Before we conclude I’ll leave you with this. Sun protection is the key for the Sucker King, Scott B. Bye NOW

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