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PHOTO ESSAY // Warmwater Summer

Rick Mikesell / Jun 25, 2022

EDITOR'S NOTE (Ivan): A couple of weeks ago, Rick and I bopped around to a couple small ponds and stretches of moving water inhabited by a plethora of warmwater species. I passed the photos onto Rick and asked him to talk about the day and what he appreciates most about these Summer days on the Front Range.

Words: Rick Mikesell
Photos: Ivan Orsic

Summer is WAY too short. It often feels like one epic week, almost condensed into an 80's movie musical montage, flanked by an eternity of ice and cold. For those of us that live for the fleeting heat and fun of the summer, making the most of it is the only option. Early morning rises, late nights, ignoring household chores, and putting as much water time in as possible is a must, or else Summer will be gone, missed, and the icy grip of the rest of the year will slow down the clock, an eternity waiting for the next brief Summer. The queen city of the plains is a mystical place in the short summer season. All water comes alive, and winter's daydreams become real, in the short bursts between work and sleep. Below are a few snapshots from a brief moment in the fleeting magic of a Colorado Summer.

Even on the hottest days, the cool of a very early morning is just as good as a cup of coffee.

We all know better, but will still make the cast every time, just hoping your fly will not join the others on the rail of shame.

Everything, absolutely everything, will eat a Tungsten Jiggy Bugger…

Even if it is a FULL fly line, plus a few feet of backing, into a headwind, with limited back cast, you always cast to a feeding Carp!

Summertime and sight fishing Carp; Name a better duo… I’ll wait…

No matter how small, there is always time for America's Fish!

Ivan said it looked pretty big, I wasn’t so sure…

Turns out Ivan was right…

A momentary encounter, sliding off into the depths, just like our Colorado Summer.

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