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Picking Your Storage Solution // Fly Boxes

Ivan Orsic / Sep 29, 2021

Fly boxes, as anglers we can never have too many. Naturally, as you progress through the sport of fly fishing you will acquire more flies, and when the trip of a lifetime comes up, you need to have your flies organized and ready. But, when that time comes which one do you choose? The Fishpond's Tacky Pescador Fly Box or do you go with the Umpqua's UPG LT Mini Midge Fly Box? Are you going out for a week to the salt flats or just short afternoon wade? Knowing the answer to these questions beforehand will help exponentially when deciding what fly box is right for you and that my friends is what we hope to do today. Today we are unpacking the world of fly boxes and going over their best applications.

Quick Trips

When you are heading to the river for a quick after-work mission or a strike mission up to an alpine lake, having all your ducks in a row and having your flies in order is important. Typically when these types of fishing trips occur your fly selection is pretty small. You may have a couple of dry fly patterns, a couple of nymphs, but the number of flies you have typically won't max out a fly box. When these trips occur it is best to go with something like an Umpqua UPG LT Mini Midge Fly Box or a Fishpond Tacky Original Fly Box.

Umpqua UPG LT Mini Midge Fly Box

The Umpqua UPG LT Mini Midge Fly Box is a fantastic fly box for those who are headed out for a day trip or the minimalist angler. This box is also perfect as a light tailwater box and will store all of your standard and micro bugs with variable molded and magnetic storage options.The Umpqua UPG Boxes have been a staff favorite for a good while now, and now they're finally available in smaller sizes such as the LT Mini Midge.

Fishpond Tacky Original Fly Box

The Original Tacky Fly Box brought unmatched organization, visibility, and reliability to anglers' fly storage. The signature silicone anchoring pad holds flies tighter, doesn’t absorb water, which is a massive benefit if you are a wet wading angler or a bit on the clumsy side. The signature silicone withstands extreme temperature swings, and won’t get torn up by sharp hook points. The new Fishpond Tacky Original Fly Box provides durable, shatter-resistant construction and comes equipped with an upgraded recycled polycarbonate shell.

The Weekend Warrior

If you are someone who spends their entire unpaid vacation out on the water searching for the best trout streams you can find, you are probably the type of person who wants to maximize their time on the water. The best way to do that? A larger fly box. Typically if you are spending more than 4 hours on a stretch of water, you will probably end up finding your way into a few hatches. That means you will need a larger array of bug life selection. That is where the Umpqua UPG HD Weekender Fly Box and The Fishpond Tacky Original Fly Box - 2X come in handy.

Umpqua UPG HD Weekender Fly Box

The Umpqua HD Weekender Fly Box is a Bomb-proof and water-proof fly box and obtained the highest level of durability and functionality in fly box storage. This fly box is also equipped with Umpqua'ss signature TPE 3-D Molded High-Grip Inserts makes which make the HD (Heavy Duty) the go-to choice for maximum storage in a waterproof design. The see-through lids and magnetic swing leaf inserts will keep you organized while planning your trip while the Class 3 water resistance and bombproof construction will keep your flies safe on the river.

Fishpond Tacky Original Fly Box - 2X

If you are someone who needs just a little more space in their storage system and loves the classic Fishpond Tacky Fly Boxes, enter the Fishpond Tacky Original 2X. This fly box is sporting all the game-changing features of the Original Box with double the space. Perfect for those long trips to the rive.r Whether you are looking to guide out of a single storage system, or simply don’t want to be caught without a full complement of wet flies, the Original 2X offers a tremendous carry capacity in a slim profile. The highly durable, recycled polycarbonate box will not warp under pressure or extreme temperatures and stays tightly closed in your vest or pack with our signature latchless magnetic closure.

The Floating Angler

If you are fortunate enough to have the ability to fish out of a drift boat, you know how exciting it can be. And, if you have been on a float trip either for a day or several days you know you cover a lot of water. A lot. Of. Water. Since you will be covering a ton of water you will also be covering different types of water, deep pools, weedy banks or you might even get out to wet wade a small tributary you find on a map. Whatever your plan of attack is when headed out on your float trip you are going to need a lot of flies. You are also going to need a lot of big flies. From size 4 articulated streamers to massive pike flies, your boxes should be ready for any situation you row across. Enter the Umpqua Magnum Boat Box and the Fishpond Tacky Pescador Fly Box - XL. These boxes offer the largest capacity for fly storage and typically can hold seemingly a year's worth of hatch cycles in a single box. With storage capacity being less of an issue when floating, boat boxes are the perfect option for the floating angler.

Umpqua Magnum Boat Box

Both versions of the Umpqua Boat Box features slotted foam internally on the top and bottom lid, and unlike other boxes on the market, one external slotted foam sheet for easy drying, organizing, or quick access while behind the oars. The thick durable foam features fly placement guides to easily identify where the slots are located. This fly box measures 16.5” x 12” x 4.5” which is absolutely massive and can hold just about an entire fly shop worth of inventory

Fishpond Tacky Pescador Fly Box - XL

If you're preparing for a trip across the globe, or simply looking for the ultimate box for floating your home water, the Pescador XL Fly Box stands above the rest. This fly box features Fishponds signature waterproof gasket and its magnetic latchless system offers quick access while keeping your large flies out of the elements or the rapids you will encounter on a good float trip. With a tremendous carrying capacity of up to 464 flies and an optional add-on fly page (shown in the image), there's no better way to keep your largest arsenal of bugs and baitfish.

It should go without saying that choosing a fly box is extremely subjective, someone who is just starting out may only have a couple of flies and any have the need for a small pocket-sized fly box at the moment. There are also die-hard dry fly anglers that only fish a certain time of year and thus only need that same pocket-sized fly box. However, when it comes down to it, I think that a fly box is a representation of the person using it. Are you the organized type having every fly life stage equally spaced out months before your trip? If so, you will find yourself needing a ton of fly boxes. Or are you someone who sees's what they have the night before and throws them all in without care (read: me) if that's the case maybe you can get away with only one double-sided fly box. Whatever your organization style is, a proper fly box with make your day of angling much more enjoyable. I hope you liked today's quick run-down of fly boxes and their best applications. This is by no means an exhaustive list and I encourage you to swing by the shop to check out our full array of fly box options and styles. If you are not able to swing by the shop our online store brings the full fly shop experience to you! As always if you have any lingering questions regarding fly selection or gear we are here to help, if you liked today's read or think I missed something let me know at

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