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Players’ Day Off: Rockies and Trouts fish Granby Ranch

Ivan Orsic / Jul 28, 2017

It is tough to beat summer in Colorado. It is also tough to beat a day outside on the water or a Rockies game at Coors Field. Given our frequent attendance to Coors Field after a day's labor at Trouts and our relationship with some of the Rockies players and coaches, it was a no brainer to combine the two. Knowing that everyone around the shops athletic careers never blossomed, besides Ivan Orsic’s Hall of Fame caliber rec league softball talent (he went 3 for 3 the other night...did he tell you?), we opted to use our home field of Granby Ranch as the setting. We rounded up some of our Professional Guides to host the day, here’s how it went down:

Charlie Blackmon leading off and throwing dry flies...all day long.

Granby Ranch has some of the best dry fly water in Colorado and ole Chuck worked it solid. Throwing some nice loops with the Scott Flex.

Brown trout eating PMD dries.

Fraser River bug life. Head Guide Scott Dickson found this Golden Stonefly nymph crawling bankward.

Jon Gray getting in on the action with a good looking wild brown.

Starting Pitcher Tyler Anderson working a beautiful run with a Chubby Chernobyl Hopper-Dropper rig.

Fish on.

Austin goes for the scoop!

One of three brook trout that Trouts Professional Guide Austin Manthey has seen in the Fraser River. A fact that Tyler didn't let Rockies closer Greg Holland forget about it.

Tyler holding said brookie. It was worth 3 points on the scorecard. Tyler and Greg made things interesting by keeping track of their respective tallies on a golf scorecard.

Trouts own Tanner Smith leads the way for Greg, as they make their way up to the next run.

Greg answers back with a healthy wild Granby Ranch rainbow trout. While Greg threw some fishy casts in the afternoon session, he couldn't overtake the lead Tyler built earlier in the day.

Rockies Relief Pitcher Scott Oberg enjoyed his first day of fly fishing with Trouts Frisco Guide Brock Sampson.

There are certain sections of Granby Ranch that give you confidence from any vantage point. This section on Beat 3 is one of those. Rockies catcher Ryan Hanigan throws a double dry rig at some likely water.

Hanigan showing off his best trout pout. Impressive.

Another healthy Granby Ranch brown trout.


The scenery at Granby Ranch is pretty hard to beat as Middle Park always seems to show off.

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