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Product Spotlight- Simms Confluence Reversible Jacket

Ivan Orsic / Aug 28, 2014

There's even been a few times lately where I could swear I've caught a brief whiff of the impending season change in the air--- particularly early in the morning while enjoying a cup or three of coffee on my porch before heading to the shop or river. Thankfully, our friends at Simms continue to give the angling world solutions to make our time both on and off the water, as well as the cooler months to come, more enjoyable. Today we'll look at the brand new for 2014 Confluence Reversible Jacket- winner of "New Product Showcase" award for IFTD 2015. After slipping this on and wearing it around the shop, I'm still not sure whether it will be more at home on the water or at an October backyard BBQ.......thankfully I think the answer is a resounding "both".

To give you a little background information, Simms categorizes their sportswear into 4 different categories: G4, Guide, Solarflex and Off-Water. The Confluence Reversible Jacket falls into the fourth category. Don't let the term "off water" lead you to think for even a second though that this shirt-jacket won't be right at home in any sort of aqueous's just also going to keep you looking stylie while at the bloody mary bar during Sunday morning brunch.

To quote Simms "For passionate anglers life can be distilled into two distinct universes: time spent on the water doing, and time spent off it dreaming. Where those worlds collide you've entered the realm of lifestyle. The products in Simms' Off-Water collection feature technical properties such as wicking and UPF30 sun protection, but the design lines and feature sets cater more toward casual quests".

This shirt-jacket features super soft flannel on one side, a water shedding rip-stop fabric on the other and is filled with a comfy 60-gram polyester internal insulation. Simms provides us with two different color scheme options and uses a snap button system up the front for an easy on-and-off experience. Whether you choose to wear it as a stand alone shirt when it's pleasant, or as an outer layer when the weather turns grumpy, we're confident the Confluence Reversible Jacket will quickly become a piece of clothing you don't head to the river, or a fall concert at Red Rocks, without.

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