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Proposed Experiment on the Blue River

Will Rice / Jan 9, 2021

If you’ve ever fished this section of the Blue River below Green Mountain Reservoir you’ll probably want to pay attention to this story. Here’s a snip from the Summit Daily, our local newspaper headquartered in Frisco, CO.

“A private ranch is seeking Colorado environmental regulators’ permission to inject the Blue River with phosphorus — a chemical regulated as a pollutant — as part of an experiment that could help improve trout habitat at a popular High Country fishing destination.”

It’s good to see we still have local and regional reporting to ensure these types of proposals and plans are surfaced early on in the review and vetting process.

To read the entire story written by John Herrick of Aspen Journalism, CLICK HERE. Aspen Journalism is a nonprofit, investigative news organization partnering with the Summit Daily News and other Swift Communications newspapers on coverage of water and rivers.

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