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RESERVE YOUR SPOT // Now Booking Our Fly Fishing Education Classes ONLINE!

Ivan Orsic / Aug 6, 2021

In the quest to make your entry into the world of fly fishing that much easier, we are proud to offer you the ability to BOOK one of our Fly Fishing Education Classes or Schools online! There's no better time to jump headfirst into the world of fly fishing. If you're a more experienced angler, now is not the time to put off expanding your skillset if you're looking to step up your game.

We have in-store openings for our Fly Fishing 101, Bugs For Beginners, and Beginner Casting Classes. Looking to get out on the water? We have openings for a variety of our on-the-water schools including our One-Day Beginner School, Two-Day Beginner School, Dry Fly School, Nymphing School, and Carp School.

How do you sign up ONLINE? Simply navigate to our Classes & Schools page on our Education Page, select the class you'd like to sign up for, and CLICK the orange "BOOK NOW" button on the respective Class or School page (as illustrated below).

The in-store portion of each class will take place in the River Room (our brand new education room) at our new location - 1025 Zuni Street, Denver, CO 80204.


Fly Fishing 101 | August 17th & 31st | 6 PM to 8 PM @ Trouts Denver

No matter your age, Trouts Fly Fishing 101 classes are a fantastic way to enter the sport of fly fishing. Once finished, you will possess the tools and knowledge necessary to becoming a self-reliant and, most of all, proficient angler. Here at Trouts Fly Fishing, we want to be an integral part of your experience on and off the water. That is why our Fly Fishing 101 classes are pleased to offer a top-of-the-line education experience starting with the basics such as: setting up your fly rod, terminal tackle, basic fly selection, knot tying, and reading the water. We understand that fly fishing can be frustrating and, at times, intimidating. The best way to prevent these times from happening is by joining us for one of our Fly Fishing 101 classes. We hope to see you here.

(COST: $50)

Bugs for Beginners | July 27th, August 10th & 24th | 6 PM to 8 PM @ Trouts Denver

At one point or another, we have been on the water and watched happy fish devour on one of the many thousands of bugs floating on the water. As fly anglers, we’ve heard the expression, "Match the Hatch", yet we feel that sometimes we need an Entomology degree to understand how they feed. There is no question that a better understanding of a trout’s diet will help improve your success in fly fishing. But where do you start?
Our Trouts Bugs for Beginners class will help demystify the major food sources trout key in on throughout the year. In Trouts Bugs for Beginners, we will focus on a vast majority of a trout's diet: Midges, Mayflies, Caddis, Stoneflies, Terrestrials, and general attractor patterns above and below the water surface. Our class is designed, and tailored to help you better understand the integral insect groups. We will also demonstrate how to effectively identify certain insects and, more importantly, how to fish them. When you leave, you will have the confidence to "Match the Hatch", for the next time you are on the water.

(COST: $50)

Beginner Casting Clinic | August 19th | 5 PM to 7 PM @ Trouts Denver

There is something unnatural about the motion of casting a fly rod, yet it is the cornerstone of the sport. Casting a fly rod well is a necessary skill for an angler of any degree. However, for many, it remains a crux on the water. Casting a flyrod well is a long-term learning process, and it is a process we here at Trouts take great pride in teaching.
Trouts Beginner Casting Clinics are tailored to be an encompassing and immersive experience that will provide value to every angler who participates. From primary casting approaches to specific casting situations, our Beginner Casting Clinics will make you confident in your ability on any trout water.

(COST: $50)

One-Day Beginner School | August 14th

An empowered angler is a confident angler and, a confident angler is an independent angler. Our One-Day Beginner Fly Fishing School was created to empower anglers, for their time spent on the water. For this course, our top-tier professional fly fishing guides will serve as your instructors. The One-Day Beginner Fly Fishing is a culmination of everything learned throughout our Beginner Fly Fishing Series.
As a student, you can look forward to a full day on the water, where you will put into action all you have learned throughout the previous beginner classes. Your time on the water will focus on rigging, safe wading practices, fighting, and landing fish. By the end of the day, you will undoubtedly leave feeling empowered and confident for any trout water you may come across.
The One-Day Beginner Fly Fishing School is limited to six (6) anglers and will be based out of our Frisco, CO location.

(COST: $250)


Two-Day Beginner School | August 28th - 29th

If you are looking for a fast track into the world of fly fishing, our Two-Day Beginner School is for you. We have taken everything that one would learn in our Fly Fishing 101, Beginner Casting, Bugs For Beginners, and our One-Day Beginner School and condensed it into two days. This class takes the immersive approach to teaching, and those who leave will know how to be self-sufficient for their next time on the water.
The Two-Day Beginner School will be held out of our Frisco, CO location and is limited to six (6) anglers. Lodging and Gear are not included.

(COST: $595

Nymphing School | August 21st

As we begin to approach the colder months, we naturally see less dry fly activity. However, the lack of topwater activity should not keep you from getting out to fish. It’s well-known that trout spend the vast majority of their time feeding subsurface (upwards of 80%). In Vegas, those are some pretty good odds!
In order to more successfully feed and land those subsurface trout, Nymphing is the name of the game. Nymph fishing is the most common and productive technique when fishing subsurface. The Trouts Nymphing School will introduce and dial you into the rigging, roll casting, presentation, mending, and proper drifting techniques for nymph fishing. Our goal at the end of the class is for the individual angler to be more confident in their Nymphing technique to improve their success on their trips to the river!

(COST: $325)

Carp School | August 21st

Catching Carp on a fly rod is considered the ultimate freshwater thrill by many anglers. Smart, spooky, and at times downright challenging Carp on a fly rod is akin to landing a bonefish in Belize! During Trouts Carp School our expert instructors will provide you with on-the-water knowledge and tactics to increase your success when pursuing this worthy gamefish. This class will be partitioned over the course of one day. Prior to your day on the water, there will be an approximate 1-hour presentation discussing appropriate gear and flies to use when targeting carp on the fly. Following this pre-presentation, you will spend the full day following at the designated location focusing on presentation and tactics. The remainder of the class will be spent targeting the elusive quarry. Make sure to bring your own 5/6 weight rod, appropriate reel, and flies for your on-the-water portion of the class.
To ensure a proper learning environment class size is limited.

(COST: $325)

Dry Fly School | August 14th

For most of us, it is hard to beat classic dry fly fishing. There is a reason that this category of fly fishing has a cult-like following. The visual appeal of seeing the eat is addictive, fun and leaves images imprinted in your mind forever. Many refer to this type of angling as 'purist' as it is one of the most classic presentations to learn and implement on the river.
If you are looking to learn what dry fly fishing is all about, it is time to take our Dry Fly School. Over the course, we will walk through dry fly rigging options and fly rod set-ups, as well as the ability to recognize and 'Match the Hatch'. Although not required, a running knowledge of common bugs is a big plus. Our Bugs for Beginners course is a fantastic starting point. The class will also offer education and training on effective casting and presentation to get you those iconic topwater sips and eats.
These classes will be held throughout the spring and summer months. This class structure allows us to teach and place students in various scenarios, environments, and hatches they will encounter within The State of Colorado.
If you are ready to take your dry fly fishing to the next level, our Dry Fly School is for you.

(COST: $325)

Streamer School | August 28th

As one of the most exciting ways to chase trout, "hucking meat" or streamer fishing is becoming a well-known phrase around Colorado. Hooking a fish on a streamer is a detailed memory you will maintain for years to come.
Have you recently found yourself looking at your fly boxes and thought something is missing? Or have you considered "Why do I not have anything big, flashy, and articulated in here"? If these are things that you find yourself contemplating regularly then you'll be excited to know, we have just the class for you!
We are pleased to announce the dates for our Trouts Streamer School. The school is designed around a full-day float with some of our best Frisco Guides! During the float, our professional guides and instructors will teach you the basics of Fly Selection, Retrieval Methods, Presentation and setting, fighting, and landing a trout on a streamer. As one of our most popular schools, we suggest signing up early to grab one of our limited spots!

(COST: $325)

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